The Fall Of Visage (ECC) & scummy council (115 all over again)


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Hey yall!
So let me start by introducing myself, I play under the nickname " Obala " - and i played on account Seven Devils. (Yes this account is named something completely different - as this was my only account for tribe wars I had before joining net. servers.

After the defeat on 115 vs to good (DI guys - you guys really are the beasts), my (then) good friend Flex and tribe-mate asked me to join him and his coplayers on 119 playing with the full premade tribe and having an easier world as 115 was.


At first, i was hesitant as i really did invest a lot of time into 115 and I needed a break and i said 115 is my last one. But as we all know this is not the case when you are a player of this game. In the first weeks of playing, i still wasn't sure if i will play full time or just pp farm this is why i was really far behind after some point. And wasn't taking this world seriously. The tribe council was composed of "The Sniper" (duke), "Latchky" (co-duke), "Minions" (council), "TheBeatConductor" (council), and "Flex" (council) - On Flex account there were 4 players from the start so not really sure if all of them were in the council or no but doesn't matter. I was also moved to the council as I was in previous words but after not even full 2 days I resigned as I still had a really important exam for graduation and i just didn't have the time. After few weeks go by, I started hearing rumors about Latchky being close to panzer and potentially joining them and backstabbing us. The next day I noticed he was kicked from the tribe and there was a mini op on him organized with a few of the guys who the council trusted. Latchky was very vocal about it and also started with the movement " Revenge for what happened - Karma"
I talked with someone on Flexes account (not sure who exactly and not really important) but I got told everything that he was too close to panzer and was doing some shady stuff. And because of my good relationship with Flexes, I trusted them 100% and never thought about that anymore. I spent most of the days on discord with one and only trap king ( The Roman Empire - Dennis) and while that was happening we were in the war with "Barbie guys". While oping them few times and checking with TW stats we started to notice some really shady moves, caps, and at all the play style of Barbie guys. Dennis made a full post and got a shit ton of evidence and reported opening a ticket multiple times -


For more chance of getting things sorted and hoped that mods could find any proof and ban them for using cheats I also copied Dennis-es report and reported even myself.
By around this time, I applied to become a mod.
In the upcoming week, our council started talking with barbie guys - as we just weren't growing fast enough and Panzer moved to our rim and grew bigger every day. Because of that council decided it was best for us to end the war with barbie and invite them to play with us. Even the council knew really good about all the cheating and even soo al the evidence that didn't change the fact that Barbie guys were joining us. (i am only speaking in the name of me, TRE Dennis, Horde as we were in the voice chat most of the time) We didn't like the idea of cheaters joining us. We tried reporting and it didn't work and now we would actually have to play with them. After Barbie guys joining us Dennis stopped playing and told to council that he is not playing with cheaters. After days of asking Dennis to keep on and just ignore those guys and not accept help from them, Dennis blocked them in the game. The next day few of the Barbie guys joined discord while I, Dennis, Horde, and few council guys were in a voice and started openly talking about how they really been doing all the things Dennis reported to them. Right after that, i left the voice as a "mod in training" I didn't really like or condone talking, admitting, and offering things like this to other guys within our tribe over voice. I posted this in chat and ask them to stop cheating while they play with us and keep things clean. After i called out a guy from Barbie that told us and offered us buying PP from someone that is much cheaper than in the store all hell broke loose all the barbie guys were saying this is all good, you cant get banned with this, even if you can they will never find out and so on, while old Visage members didn't like that and were telling them to stop doing that and that this is bannable. (You can see few screenshots in the picture under) And Yes we did report it but we all know chatlogs from discord cant be used for prooving cheaters.


Council and some other members managed to calm the server down and tell barbie guys to not talk about this and not cheat anymore.
While all this was happening I forgot to mention that Minions guy joined Flexes account so the account can really be 24/7. So he gave his villas and joined on Flexes account. (not really sure for how long he stayed on the account till Flexes guys threw him out of account- not even sure why did this happen. The only thing I can really remember was Minions being mad at Flexes guys for throwing him out of the account. TRE Dennis joined Council before the merge with Barbie guys and left-right when Barbie joined because he didn't agree with this move.

After some point the main duke The Sniper decided it would be the best for him to also join Flexes account as he can then work 100% as a duke and doesn't have to be thinking about keeping his account top-notch also at the same time. He merges with Flexes.
Me, Dennis, and Horde didn't like this move as that would mean we have from 5 council guys (at that point) 4 of them on 1 account.
Two weeks go by The sniper goes M.I.A. (missing in action) ( he still hasn't returned and this happened weeks ago) Because of that Jetfire took over duking and changed names from ECC to Visage. When this started happening Dennis trusted and told me he doesn't like how the council works. And he told me and I quote "Obala I'm telling you if this war goes to shit I'm willing to bet everything Arne and Flexes will join Panzer and just leave us as a food" -


This was the reason why Dennis thought this could happen and he was right.

Last week Panzer threw a big ass op on us (90% of the op was on Arne - TheBeatConductor) And Arne did really good job saving most if not all but 1-2 villas. But this did cost a lot of time from RL having to snipe/stack and so on. As this happened I was kinda being a prick and posted about something about "being walled" when a guy from Panzer respond to me this:


At first, i thought okay we have a spy inside our tribe lets try to find out who is this. We get info about opping the rim tribe DND and securing the rim. We landed this morning the 10.06 and were alright with a lot of caps. And then I get the message from one and only Jetfire:


And yes I did accept quite calmly this, as I was half asleep on 2 hours of sleep. After I took a nap and read thru everything is when I got pissed by the way today's "Dukes" are leading the tribes.

This is one of the most common ways of why people do quit playing this game. And this is the legit SAME thing that happened on 115 with tribe HDS and the duke Mathematician Chris (now renamed to The Black Knight). Because of the move of the HDS council when wanted to switch to the enemy - the enemy (DI) invitedHDC the council to later kick them and noble them for them betraying their own tribe members. 115 = 119 . The only difference is that DI is good enough to win the world not needing the scummy council members who did that. But looks like Panzer needs them?

Everything posted here is my, TRE Dennis-es and Horde guys-es view on how all this shit went down. I could even write more but i really don't want to.
For people that left for Panzer, i wish karma gets you as you guys don't deserve the win.

To recap
- We were surrounded by fronts on all sides because of the bad diplomacy by our council - that left Visage tribe for Panzer.
- We were hated as we invited and had cheaters in our tribe, yet again invited only because of the council - that left for Panzer.
- I was at fault for today's shit show yet I'm the one that was betrayed by friends and my council - that yet again left for Panzer.

Happy to hear all the excuses from those 2 guys now that I post this here.

- Obala
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Everyone from 117 knows that richie and his gang are blatantly abusing push accounts and were blatantly doing in on 119 to an even higher level to make up for getting rimmed on 117.

we sent multiple tickets on them in 117 and on 119 too, it's honestly a fucking joke they get away with it. fuck anyone that plays with em they deserve to be rimmed every wrld for their cheating, there should still be threads in 119 forum about it and you can see their hilarious excuses to say why they are not cheating in public when admitting it on discord.
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to be fair a joke you guys merged with em knowing how blatant they are cheating, thinking "stop cheating" and they would stop


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to be fair a joke you guys merged with em knowing how blatant they are cheating, thinking "stop cheating" and they would stop

Not sure if this was meant for me and rest of visage or just Flexes and Thebeat account?
As i posted up we all were AGAINST them joining us, But the duke and council didn't give us a choice.


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Thanks for the explanation, appreciate it!
Gotta hurt to have your tw "friends" quit on you to win a world... ouch.
See you on next world SD, I bet it won't be your last! That's not a good way to go ;)


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Honestly just disgusting, if you have „friends“ like that you don’t need enemys anymore

i mean how cheap do you have to be to put a win over friendship wow..


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Well Flexes are really trying to carry their tribe if OD are to be believed. You could also have a look at their 115 where they managed to peak at rank 4 then came into a war and they are still only rank 13 ODD


Also are anyone even surprised about Arne jumping tribes? He just keeps doing it and proceeds to lose hard

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Quick note from GoF perspective:

- We were fighting Barbie together with ECC (ECC asked us to come to their aid and we were against push accounts etc)
- ECC recruited Barbie guys as they were scared of Panzer and wanted this war finished fast (stupid choice)
- This left us, Honey & Savage all distrusting ECC. We got ignored by 4 ECC players and sent from 1 councilmember to the next.

After seeing our "allies" recruit our common enemy and ignore us we dropped the NAP and prepared for war. Finding allies was easy as we learned they did not have diplomacy with Panzer, DND or NoL.

We made the reasonable choice to fight ECC (now Visage) and repeatedly got blamed for "dropping the NAP". Maybe you guys shouldn't have recruited the tribe we set out to fight together and maybe you shouldn't have ignored us from there? Also funny you asked us to join a coalition against Barbie but then blamed us for not 1v1'ing you.

Obviously we bring allies to wars, diplomacy is a part of war. Maybe some day THE sniper will understand this.

Respect to:

A couple players from Visage put up a really good fight. Shoutout to:

TRE - Beast of a player, toughest one from all to deal with. Tons of fakes combined with well thought out OPs.
Horde - Good defender, snipes everything thrown at him. Covered 24/7 without gaps.
Chuck BASS - This may come as a surprise but the player put up a decent fight and was very respectful in defeat.
I Am King - Same as Chuck.