The Flavour


yup I haven't posted in ages, but I was about to join the last world but then didn't.

also those are not pancakes though


I said you scare kitties for fun h0lly. no one gunna vote for you now. muahahahaha

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I'm gonna have to call in some favors for this one to get elected.

favors from very secret, sketchy people.

Or, I'm just going to focus on some other equally pointless stuff

I'm going to put together some election campaign material tho
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uhm I'm not sure you can actually shut off rep, can you?
also this is nomination no voting right? voting is later?
Yeah true...
and I'm already nominated a few things :icon_biggrin: But still! Gotta scare off the competition ^^

And no idea about the rep, but you can't be given any :S


you're scary enough as it is holly.

I don't really know how I can't be given rep but at least it makes me special that nobody can :3