The Holy Clemenian Empire is back.

the conquester554

We're back!!!

We are back from the shadows to rise and fight with our :swordsman:friends:swordsman: and fight our :axemen:enemies:axemen:.

We are recruiting

We are currently recruiting players. You must read our profile for the standards and requirements to join. Just as a heads up its a hard policy to fill but if you fill it and are invited you become a friend and brother/sister.


We are also allowing merges into us. All discussions are to be in game as for diplomatic talks. We will let you know if we're interested when you contact us. There will be No Merges Into YOUR TRIBE so please don't even bother asking as we will ignore it.

Our territory

Our home land from the first tribe and now is K30 were the Emperor rules the continent and the tribe along with close leaders and friends. You do not have to be here or near to join just read the requirements and if your interested we will talk about your recruitment.

Thank you for reading and if your interested in any of these mail in game or forum mail to the conquester554 or just reply here.


A few Grind members will probably join.Mail them mate and see.

lords of the emos

I already nobled conquester out though - took a bunch of villages from him and then he went barb XD