The Inevitable Fall of Gore

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It is a proven fact that with a smaller member list there is easier communication and team work.
A smaller member list is easier to co-ordinate I would agree, but keeping intentionally keeping a member list at say 20 members is putting ideals above reality.

So ive thought about this a little bit and decided we shouldn't be deciding what makes an elite tribe because it can't be possible. A tribe is as strong as its weakest part or region and no tribe with only unbelievable players would be large enough and around long enough to be "elite".
That was basically the point I was making :) Although a tribe like Hate on 32 would be the closest to an elite tribe that survived long enough to make that claim (having not played the earlier worlds I am sure others could give more examples)


Conclusion of this thread: APOC fails.
You never cease to amaze me, not from your front of what a "great" player you are but more by your complete ignorance.
Your tribe crumbles, and you say the tribe you were warring with fails.

That makes tons of sense.


Fwob you need to leave the w43 externals, the only tribes that noble more barbs than apoc are moar! and *lw*. On top of that Apoc chooses to go to a war with a tribe that has 1/3rd of its members and about 1/3 its size. Thirdly apoc is one big turtle and can't really fight wars successfully. Now this all means you should leave the externals because you continue to try to flame players(and tribes) who are better than you while not using any facts or logical thought to do so.


Okay buddy well this shows how superior the number one tribe in W43 is!

You just stated that there are two tribes that noble more barbs than APOC. They are LW and MOAR.

Now if we all remember who is at war with these two lesser tribes. Yeah the Number One tribe in W43 is at war with the two tribes that are worst than the 'failing' APOC.

And for the record your tribe are going through there villages slower than APOC was with the Gore villages!

Just shows how great you are. Waging war against tribes lesser than that tribe that everyone like to 'flame' but when they put in there say they are told to 'leave' the externals! :lol:


The difference between your war with gore and our wars is that you had 60 small players and gore had 25, while we have 45 large players and are up against over 100 players with max defensive villages and bad morale on our attacks.