The Insane Asylum - K64 and surrounding Ks

UNSC Marines

:lol:Why So Serious?:lol:

Our tribal Tag is: Asylum
What we stand for: Insanity! :icon_razz:

From the ashes of our enemies,
The Insane Asylum arose,
like a phoenix, to conquer.
The hand of peace is offered to those who wish to have it,
but those who anger us will receive the fist of war.​

¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥ ¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥ ¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥​

You stay awake at night wondering what it would be like to live the life of a slaughterer.
Imagining the hardships, battles and adventures you would experience and the many riches you would be rewarded with.
As you continue to wonder, you look up to the night's sky and see a faint message written in the stars.
It says "Join the elite, proud and strong slaughterers and you shall not be disappointed".​

Your destiny is with us...

¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥ ¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥ ¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥​

Things we offer

  • We offer a community where fun is every where around you
  • We offer resources should you ask​
  • We offer support should you ask​
  • We offer you a chance to become one of the 40 members of Asylum.​
  • We offer you a chance to escape (or create) INSANITY! :icon_razz:​
¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥ ¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥ ¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥​

If you would like to join, please contact our Head Recruiter.
We will only consider players at our average point score or more (variable) whom have a good sense of humour.​

Head Recruiter

►UNSC Marines◄​

Contact UNSC Marines in game for an invite or contact him here :)


¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥ ¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥ ¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥¥¯°•.¸.¸.•°¯¥​
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UNSC Marines

Asylum is from many worlds.

The most noted are worlds 26 and 19.

UNSC Marines

I quit it.

W24 and W28 are my only worlds now lol.

It was a pain trying to run several villages in like 4 different worlds so I just quit them lol..

Im not a quitter, I still play on other worlds with my friends, I just lowered my headache lol.

Asylum on W28 is the newest version though. :)

New stuff and all.


Good to see Asylum here. But do u guys have any decent player from W19? Those guys are doing really great job there.

UNSC Marines


I didnt take anyone with me. Didnt want to damage them after I left.

Were essentially a different tribe though. Name is the same (unless they changed lol) and our setup is close, but I like diversity :)

UNSC Marines

Still looking for recruits.

2 people recruited from forums
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Why the hell did you put "Why so serious" as a sub heading in the mail, and as your sig?

Remove it.