The Last Empire


Ther Last Empire (LE for short) is a tribe situated in K42/32. We are looking for any experienced players, who are not too scared to be waged in combat (not now, later on). Also, if you have a tribe in the area that's not going too well, feel free to merge into us. My in-game name on W41 is sinza-azrail, or just search up one LE and message one of the Duke's. So anyways, LE has a very long history, as we've been active since W9 (although most of the leaders joined back in the days of W1/2). The tribe was set-up by artisfatih (arguably the most controversial player ever) and watchyoback (arguably the most controversial follower ever). Anyways, to check our history, just search up LE in thw Wiki (although the article is getting very old). Remember, K32/42.



Also, if you have a tribe in the area that's not going too well, feel free to merge into us.

I dont recomend any palyer to join this pathethic tribe.

Keep huging everyone march ;)


good luck with your New neighbor's OCD, UNREAL and AXES. They love Tribalhuggulz


OCD will merge in to you. Please contact faaaaark. Thats 5 a's.


yes but you are on w41 and we have our own ways with dealing with people. you say things, we say things, and then we back it up and noble your Buts or we just level your villages, depends on how we feel. But mostly its Faaaark you wanna talk to. he'll be your best friend.


Actually I heard faaaaaark is looking for a new tribe. Mail him in game!


Please send 5 mails to bonehead asking:

1 - What is his favourite ice cream flavour?
2 - What is his favourite colour?
3 - Does he prefer sheep or goats?
4 - Does he swallow?
5 - Does he sleep on first dates?

Once this is done and Bonehead has forwarded his answers to you, we will consider merging your tribe into ours.