The Master of the Sword has fallen!


Ladies and Gents,

The Day has come. =BOB= the formidable tribe founded by Dj Pyro then led by sancus has officially ended its era.

SubV has finally defeated the Brotherhood of the Blade. A tribe which began many years ago (too old for twstats to remember) has now crumbled to it's very feet.

This may bring many emotions for some; Sympathy, nostalgia, happiness, joy. But nonetheless BOB was a great opponent and I would like to say this in memorial of the great tribe which once ruled the Entire NE.

Just out of interest:
885|56 was the final village owned by BOB which was owned by Jesster28 nobled by dartharris

Good-bye BOB, may thou memory rest in Peace.

R.I.P <3 BOB

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Ohh shiiiit :D It was pending regardless :) BoB was destined to fall, but it just happened.......... 4 years later than I expected :D