The meme wars

Salvador Dali

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So the externals have become a little boring. At least the last world I played all the memes had to come from 1 tribe (the tribe I was in).

Personally I can enjoy a good meme war between the tribes. This thread will be for meme's about other players/tribes. Once this world properly starts to shape up I hope to get some good laughs here :)


Meh. Not enough antisnipes by the attacker.
He could even "fake" antisnipe, but hei, just my flex.
I`d say he wanted to sneak this train while you are offline.
At this stage of the game it is most likely to get sniped.

It happens :)
Gimme those PP, i need 20% production bonuses xD

Salvador Dali

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The players are skilled they are not the problem, it was leadership making some stupid and immoral choices.

Time for meme's boys!