The Resistance


Now this is an interesting development.

I'm sure TEA will be victorious as always, I mean it was certainly not only because of the sway of their large tribe they won previous altercations unlike their enemies.

I wish BiP great luck, because as we all know they will not be able to merge with or recruit from tribes like they've done it the past with BSB, P-W, etc, they do have an academy tribe going for them though.

TEA started off as a strong Norwegian premade, and has done pretty well for themselves and remained respected on the externals, it's clear who's the crowd favourite!
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Good defending from Bip, though not out of the realm of expectation but decent nonetheless.


Come on dude lets be nice here.

I find this statement quite funny when even your leadership called me skilled here is the proof.

Here you go. As Most of you have probably seen I have changed the user of the account to .Incoming Impact. I lost 1 Isolated village on the huge op against my account and killed 1.267.071 Units.

Yes I would not have been able to do this without my tribe.

Really think a bad player would have been able to do that ?



That's called sarcasm...


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If it works, don't fix it.

But glad the hypocrisy is beginning to show, where you are condemning the own system you were very much apart of.