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So far W90 externals focused on few largest tribes, their skirmishes, flaws and successes and of course a lot of social drama. I thought for change I will post something about few tribes that have been growing on the rim. Some have been well known while the others escaped our attention so far. We can't ignore them as the rim often holds the key to the balance of power for the world.


It is the largest tribe on my list. They have started very well growing on the outskirts of north east quarter. The leadership of 2HARD must have believed they are as good as their bigger brother BiP and so have declared on the second largest tribe at the time. They had some success in recruiting two large accounts from BIP while nobling few isolated villages but once BiP started organising defences 2HARD stopped and got bogged. I have heard a rumor a recent op by 2HARD was a disaster loosing tons of nukes and the tribe is not a happy place to be. It does not surprise me. With the amount of tribal changes and high number of players it is not that easy to coordinate an offensive against a solid tribe that BiP is.

It is much easier to attack than defend so I am curious to see how well would 2HARD do against a solid offensive operation by BiP. I don’t think they would do that well at all. Once being pushed into defensive it will be hard for them to get back on their feet, maybe even too hard.


Notorious is my favorite rim tribe on W90, a well organised small group of players that came to this world after winning 84. They had their difficult times at the beginning loosing few isolated villages to PSSST! and Tudadar but since then the tribe thrived growing at fast rate on the rim of the North West quarter.

Infamy shares a border with Tudadar to their North East and PSSST! in the South East. They have come closer to the southern border of the continent where TEA has been put in lock down by PSSST! and ANTZ . Soon that border will be completely sealed from TEA.

Having an uncontested access to the rim they Infamy can grow the back lines while fortifying the southern accounts against their strong neighbors. That border between TEA PSSST! and Infamy and ANTZ is the most exciting place on the map right now. The tensions are rising, how much longer until we see an explosion?


DisP is a tribe that hasn’t been mentioned much on the externals. They have been growing quietly inside 35th continent controlling southern half of it t this stage. The tribe has done well so far consolidating that part of the rim on the outskirts of BiP. However it is becoming more difficult for DisP to find a space for expending.

C9 shares a border with them in the West while BiP from the south and closing in from the east. DisP might be interested in observing 2HARD very closely looking for signs of weakness. If 2HARD starts falling I am sure DisP will decide to move in and recruit some players while conquering what they can to avoid total lock down by BiP.


Another small tribe worth mentioning with some great players I have met on w80. Knowing their potential I can say with confidence that we will hear much more about the tribe in coming months. If the rumors of WET internal issues are true Dist might grow on their back lines without much to worry about. It reminds me of WGGF (later SIN) that has grown from that little tribe into a world win contender. Will the history repeats itself?

A lot depends on the situation on the TEA/WET border. The more volatile it is the better for Dist.


~HC~ has one major problem and it is TEA. They have been loosing villages to TEA last week and it will most likely continue. FARM has also captured some indicating that the tribe is in real trouble without a way to escape it's bleak destiny.


The tribe is encircling TEA with a thin spread of villages. I think your days are numbered similar to ~HC~. TEA has a NAP with WET and has not conquered PSSST! so far so it looks like the majority of TEA accounts will try to feed of the rim. If a TEA vs ANTZ war erupts you might have an extra week or two. W91 is about to open and I guess we will find you all there soon.

Most of things said is pure speculation. I would not mind if people started adding to the comments their predictions, rumors or facts about the above tribes. Hope you enjoyed the read.

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Disp is my favourite out of them all. Infamy aside of course


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Nice work! I kinda want to add a bit to the 2Hard-part giving them some credit as I have a huge frontline against them.

First of all, their duke Ragnar has a huge ego, and no feelings, but have to give him credit - When he decided to do what he wanted he played his cards right.
They also got a pretty solid frontline vs BiP containing Seven Devils, Cheesy and Ragnar mainly, while Prille got some aswell, but he is not as solid by the looks of it. The rest of the players is meh and will probably be gone when we get through their frontline.

They have tried a few OPs now, some with bigger success then the other, but nothing mindblowing yet. The only villages they have been able to take is people inside their cluster after Seven, Prille & Always let + a few villages from me because I suck, and a few from Balle. As for the watchtower and paladins its easier to defend then it usually would be.

I don't expect this war to be done anytime soon, they got some rim to eat on and breaking their frontline will be hard and will take time.


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Think thats the first compliment (Of sorts) BIP have given us haha. Thanks man. Must say its gonna be a real grind. sorta a stalemate for a week before a couple of villages shift. The real question is will anyone quit? If a single frontline account from either side quits suddenly there is a breakthrough. Im looking forward for it to continue :D

But yeah could go either way as of yet as far as i see it although people seem to be writing us off :(

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Can't really say i share your opinion on 2Hard.

Unsure why we look weak, when its we who take villages from BiP & You don't mention BiPs counter attempts at all, maybe cause you won't see any capped villages(?)

Controlling the rim isn't always as easy as it may seem, and when you had a rank 2 tribe on you - The troops will be low on all fronts, making it even harder to expand everywhere.

"I am curious to see how well would 2HARD do against a solid offensive operation by BiP. I don’t think they would do that well at all. Once being pushed into defensive it will be hard for them to get back on their feet, maybe even too hard."

I think i was not the only one to smile and giggle alittle when i read that, knowing very well that BiP has taken what? 1 village?

3/10, if i assume you are as off as with 2Hard i can not really think much of the other tribes you did.
9/10 for at least trying to do something, but if you want hard fact's i suggest you join the world and interview players of each tribe. (Not a full one, but a few questions and let them brag and you will get a better overview i'd say)

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Looks like it.
Just want a more accurate thread to read, i know very little of the others & if he is this off on 2Hard i can only assume he is as off on the others as well.

If you think i'm butthurt because of BiP, you couldn't be more wrong. Enjoying every single day of it, this much war i would not have encountered in BiP :)

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Infamy should be better than they are. They had a lot of trouble beating the newb tribe Magic.
4 or 5 players on Magic, sniped, backtimed, recapped, and killed so many of their nukes now... if C9 or PSSST or TEA or pretty much anyone attacked them today they would lose.

Infamy has good players, but they are running very sloppy OPs. :(