The Rules: Ur Doin it Wrong!

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It has come to my attention during my year and a bit of modding that Many, many forum users seem to either have a complete disregard for the rules, or have never read them.

And so, I present to you, Ladies and Gentlemen:


Now, I know some of the things in that list of crazy crazy ideas might come as a bit of a shock to you all (like the sig rules, but I'll get to that later :p), but it's really not that hard to understand them, and if you have trouble remembering long lists of points (I guess we can't all be robots.. oh crap, I wasn't meant to let that slip was I?) There's a very simple way of making sure that you don't break them! Here's a Step By Step Guide:

Step One: Read the rules! You'll be amazed how much of it is simple common sense that's easy to follow and remember. We don't create rules for no apparent reason, there is a meaning and a use behind them all, and Believe it or not, they are actually all there for your benefit (GASP)!

Step Two: So you can't remember a rule, or your not sure if your post/sig will break the rules. What do you do? Post anyway and hope for the best?


Being an incredibly foresighted individual, you knew this day would come, and so you had the forum rules bookmarked! (yeah I know, I'm an idealist, but you gotta give me some hope, right? Right?) So you open your bookmark in a separate tab and you check the appropriate entry in the rules! Simple, Eh?
And even if you forget to bookmark it, you might be amazed to be informed that the Forum Rules are linked to At the top of every World Forum! It's like magic!

Step Three: Ask a Mod! Yeah, I know by now you're all thinking "What the hell is this guy on? Whatever it is, I want some of that stuff!" But seriously folks, if the rules don't explain what you need to know, any forum mod can easily help you or point you to a person who can, and if you can't see any online, many of us can be found lurking in the .net IRC channel, to be found Here. Come there with your question, and ask for a forum mod, and the chances are you'll find someone able to answer your question.

I know it's a bit unrealistic to ask that you check with us regarding every single post, but this is more for the case in which you are starting a new thread, as the extra 10 mins or so checking whether something is ok isn't going to kill you, and It might save you an infraction or two :p It certainly means a lot less work in the long run for us!

And so, to end my initial ramble, Check the rules, pleeeease. We aren't asking you that much, just to think about what your posting, and not to act like a total prat towards other people. Is it really that difficult? :p

As a secondary ramble, I'd like you all to pay special attention to the Signature rules. We've tried many times to make them as clear as possible, and we really can't make them any more clear without restricting what you can put in them even more. They're not that hard to understand, and there's as much of a reason for them as any other rule: if we don't put a limit on it, sigs get bigger, and bigger, and bigger, until you spend half the time scrolling down when you're reading a thread just got get past the huge sigs people have. So, we have to draw the line somewhere, and this is where we've drawn it. I apologise if it means that your Super-awesome Photoshop creation is juuust too big, but hey, that's life :D

Finally, I hope you all enjoy using the forums, but I understand that every now and then things happen, and diagreements are had. On that note, if any of you have a problem about the general state of moderation, a question about the rules, an idea or a suggestion about the forum or how it's run, please feel free to either PM me or one of the other elder mods (if it's related to a specific mod it should be done through the elder of that world, as seen in our user titles) or to post in This section, which we created especially for the purpose! Considering the amount of complaints I've got about how much we all suck at modding over the years, I think it looks surprisingly empty at the moment, so if you have any suggestions whatsoever that we could actually benefit from, don't just grumble about it, post it in the proper place, and we'll do out best to listen patiently to your demands :D

Thank you for reading this, and if you didn't and just skipped to the end, I will track you down and delete all your posts.

Only Joking! :icon_rolleyes: though I'm not, really. I'll kill you, I swear.
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