The Second Most Interesting Declaration in the World

Lord Slash111


As Mr. Wonka stood atop his tallest Chocolate Factory, there was a gentle breeze from the East. Factory 66K had been his crowning achievement. A sugary tower of goodness dedicated to spreading candy to the masses. Those sweets had calmed the Riots and Un-Soured the Noodles. But now he needed a new challenge. So he sent the oompa loompa’s to work building a ship. It would be the Most Interesting Ship In the World. This vessel would carry him and his magical chocolate up among the stars. But he would quickly learn that he was not alone. It seemed that Space had already been Invaded.

This was the final frontier. Mr. Wonka intended to use his ship to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly share his chocolate with those who had never tasted it before. But first he had to outfox the Invaders from Space.

Their tactics were sound. They shifted to the right, and to the right, and to the right again. Then, when it seemed they had nowhere else to go, they dropped down. Before anyone could react they started to the left, and to the left, and to the left again. We thought they would go left forever, but when they ran out of room, they dropped again. Their military brilliance was obvious and it seemed to repeat for all eternity. Wonka knew he had to stop them.

This battle could not be waged alone. He needed his trusty first officer by his side. Rob Zombie was still in prison for the incident with the magician, so a jailbreak was in order. A specialist would have to be called in.

It was to be a tricky operation and it wouldn’t be cheap. Awesomesawse, the moneyman, brought the coins and Wonka got to work. He used the Dark.Link to summon TinkyWinky, the most MissChievous Glass O Water this side of –Cancer-. As if the world was his matrix, he was known as the Hell.Neo. Using his mystical OOmpa LOOmpa Dubedy Doo-dads, he broke Rob out of the joint.

The three men were together again aboard The Most Interesting Ship In The World. They celebrated their reunion with a tall glass of Molten Dew. It was Scrumdiddlyumptious and they all smiled. Then Mr. Wonka gave them a wink and cleared his throat.

“Gentlemen, I think it’s time we show these Invaders who in fact owns the Space called 76.”

***For Uninformed persons the following link is for Invade***
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well, 2 things

1. idk who the hell invade are,lol

2. it was not made clear in it who they were declaring on, atleast to me.

anyway, good luck to both sides


Invade is currently ranked #19th in the world. Anyways this should be fun ;)

The Prince of Babylon

wow you guys hardly have any frontline with invade...and of the direct opposite side of east/impact. guess you're pretty confident the new 'impact' won't do any better than east had?

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im confused what about Impact/East???

R u not at war with them? Why open up your southern front unless players south are complaining at the lack of action?

This is a bit disappointing, im giving my opinion not knowing the details with that being said. Why not attack strong while east is breaking apart and trying to regroup? Instead you go fighting with another tribe(Invade is not really opposition this being said those are nobles that can head Impacts way) Troops and nobles that could have been used to capitalize on Impact are now going to be used for the noblement of a tribe that leadership could have kept and nap until the war ends.
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I wanted a quick game of Space Invaders, we'll see how my arcade skills are, I'm probably a little rusty.


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The first declaration from XX was witty and refreshing.
Talk about killing a good thing :/

Good luck to invade!

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To be honest we nearly didn't bother with posting this declaration but Molten put in the effort and we thought it was funny and clever so we decided to share it. Other then that I personally don't think a war with a tribe outside the top 10 is worth drawing much attention to so have a read, have a laugh, to any haters it's at least better then most of the rubbish posted on here so take it for what it is, a good read and nothing more.