The Tribal Wars Moderation Team is recruiting!


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Dear players,

The Tribal Wars team is looking for new reinforcements! We are looking for 1-2 new motivated Game Moderators to join our team. Your responsibilities will include:
- Handling player questions and inquiries
- Investigating player reports (including communication breaches and other rule breaches)
- Pro-actively searching for rule breaches
- Active beta testing of new features and events, reporting bugs towards Community Management

Please note that this is a volunteer position, you will however be compensated with premium points. Please only apply if you can dedicate a few hours per week to it, if you are motivated and driven to do it. Tribal Wars is a game for, but also by the players. This means that in order to have the game run smoothly, we need dedicated moderators with a passion for the game!

If you're interested, please send in an application here:
Make sure to spend some time on this application and try to elaborate a bit on each question. Show us your dedication!

Good luck!

Your Tribal Wars Team