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haha you talk rubbish, steve is the one who joined every single current world asking and begging the top rank tribes from those worlds to come here and join his tribe, he even came too my w89 world and asked me and my tribe too join with him, we all said no, because he is 1 big fail let alone who he has in his tribe at the moment, don't come here and tell me whos the mass recruitment tribe, when he has the nack off joining w80+ just too ask every player stil around on that world too join with him

I can name 10 people in your tribe that suck at this game and cant even snipe LMFAO

I had gone to w78 and w89 to ask some groups of people if they had any interest in joining world 93. Although I don't make premade tribes, I do like to work with old players and we did have the most successful tribe on both of those worlds. I thought it would be an interesting proposal seeing as ARCHER and DST were both poorly performing tribes so I had extended an offer to quit and try to renew their swagger in the new world ^.^

I believe mass recruiting would be considered inviting the highest point players to make your tribe look the best.

Frequenting two worlds and asking people if they have an interest in a potential creation of a tribe is not mass recruiting and regardless of if you joined or not wouldn't guarantee you a spot in this tribe.....

And Sir Cornish... I think both you and I know that if we decided to stay SE, you'd be in my tribe right now.

Lord BillyNoMates

if that was the case why did i turn down your offer to relocate with my relocate item

contradicting your self or what?

Lord BillyNoMates

i have the skype messages from you asking me to relocate and join your tribe


This thread has turned into a pissing match and I'm enjoying it.