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Shadryk 01

Since the "INSO Declares War" forum was locked, I will create this topic so we can further the fine dialogue between W13 players. Topics include:

1) The love nest between MSM, Paladin, Sherlls Lylo and Zathhh. Hopefully, we can get the ultimate question answered.....whose your daddy?

2) The Pink hair brigade. Noely's mohawk pic or Plaldin's she-clown pillow-fight.

3) Why Paladin wants to attack me with his "big wooden horse unit," (his words) and what exactly does he mean by this? :icon_eek:

4) Does Cyndy Rigby need a license to spam? Does she deserve it? For now, here it is: Insofar as any moderation issues are concerned, this topic shall be construed as general spam. Therefore, any issue discussed by Cyndy Rigby shall heceforce be considered consistent with the topic delineated in this base post, shall be deemed to be on-topic, and thusly not subject to moderation enforcement pursuant to the TW forum rules.

Of course, no topic is complete without some stats regarding INSO's favorite punching bag:

Side 1:
Tribes: INSO
Side 2:
Tribes: BOZO

Timeframe: Forever

Side 1: 207
Side 2: 33
Difference: 174


And, as you can clearly see, I am personally taking a great part in smashing this mule:

Side 1:
Players: Shadryk 01
Side 2:
Players: Paladin. (e.g. mule)

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1
Side 2: 1
Difference: 0

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no we already established..your the product of me and be quiet son the adults are talking.


...Hopefully, we can get the ultimate question answered.....whose your daddy?...

A question as serious as this deserves input from a Wiseman. And if a Wiseman cannot be found, we have to settle for a Wisescarab.

Bezerker is. He's been around forever

So there you have it folks, in permanent digital ink. It all started with bez. When asked to comment, the Highlander had this to say.

i dunno maybe i forget
so r u all gonna come after me now?
got to work lata
talk to ya manana
my new gf is hot

Cyndy Rigby

Ok then I have a killer of a question. Just who is Driver's Mom and Dad?


Ok then I have a killer of a question. Just who is Driver's Mom and Dad?

Ahhhh, a tragic story really. A local soldier fell in lust with an ale wench. No one knows why she never told him of their child before his departure to the front lines. He never returned, and she died during child birth. The child was raised in the back woods of K78 by a nomadic tribe... And we all know what they say about that area. The boy had always heard of bravery and chivalry about his father. He needed to know who his father was. Alas, the child set out on his own in search of his true identity. Unfortunately, the boy-child was struck down on the battle front before ever knowing that his father was merely a postman for the army.
DriverX is the boy-child of which I speak. And now you know the rest of the story.....
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