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Discussion in 'World 61' started by Gamerdrw, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. heavymetal16

    heavymetal16 Guest

    ofc i know my wittle mudkipper, he one of my many pets :)
  2. Either you're being sarcastic or you're just weird =/
  3. heavymetal16

    heavymetal16 Guest

    im very weird, i collect pets topat i collected on w15 with my masterball :icon_cool:
  4. TheBrain*

    TheBrain* Guest

    Ah Maxie, I never make Drunk decisions and rarely has a tribe "collapsed around me" when i either did not mean it to or simply had lost interest due to numb nuts that could not follow simple plans.

    I can give you a point by point if you wish but i think were I to speak in more than simple Spam terms it would be quite lost on your meager intellect.

    Now to my second point. Every world I started that I planned to play seriously I came into it with a goal. I reached every goal I ever chose to try for in TW. Every one. Perhaps my goals were not always what a majority of people believed them to be, W38 for example My goals as the brain were to cause as much chaos as I possibly could and see if I could plunge the entire core into a mass war. I did just what i wanted.

    Now I came here with no real goal but I have one now. The one thing I have not done yet myself, win a world. I have helped others win, I have helped tribes at the start that went on to win, I have never bothered with it myself. Well, it's time i added that last accomplishment to my list then perhaps I can finally really retire and not feel the urge to keep coming back and dealing with all of you non-believers.


    Oh and i am just a soldier here in WASP. ;)

    Regin is the fearless leader here.
  5. heavymetal16

    heavymetal16 Guest

    answers in bold my darling mouse :p
  6. TheBrain*

    TheBrain* Guest

    No Heavy, you don't really know me, you played beside me on the "screw it worlds" You may get to know me this world though. How will be up to fate.

    I like you Heavy, your a decent player and a good person to shoot the shit with but, you have not really worked with me when I really had a goal I intended to make a reality.
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  7. heavymetal16

    heavymetal16 Guest

    :icon_redface: a ig compliment, i dont think i had many of them :icon_redface:
    we will work togather at some point my mousey, its inevitable (big word woop woop!)
  8. fusion ray

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    Jul 24, 2009
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    Is this paper still going to be coming, or did this idea fall through?
  9. Jopano

    Jopano Guest

    He quit 61 :icon_neutral: