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Hello I am ExtraOrdinary123 Leader and founder of TheFreedomFighters (TFF). If you are trying to join a tribe on Continent 93 but they continually turn you down; TheFreedomFighters will accept you. We are currently recruiting everyone and leadership roles are still available. This tribe is very organized and will get the job done. If you are willing to join in an expanding tribe contact ExtraOrdinary123. Don't miss out on this amazing oppurtunity! There are just a few requirments.

Requirements to join:
1. Activity: and this includes more than just logging in your village, we want to know you and work with you so join the fun in the forums.
know that troops fight and not points.
2. Understand english (to allow easy communication)
3. Be active and check the forums.

If you are interested to join please message me in-game and include:
1. why you want to join
2. do you have past experience, if yes explain more, if no, then explain what you hope to get from us.
3. What is your game style (offensive/defensive..etc)
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