This is quite a shock to read. I knew her name around the forums but had never had the pleasure of talking to her. It is with great regret that I realise that I will now never get the chance...

My Condolences to her family and friends, I know she had many friends among the game and I'm sure she was loved in RL as well, to lose someone so close is always a terrible blow.



I never actually had the pleasure of talking to her myself, but I have seen her around the forums every now and then.
And, I must say this is a very, very sad thing to hear about.

RIP Therese <3

W11 will miss you.


i am totally speechless as a family man myself my thoughts and prayers are with her family. God bless and rest in peace with the angels and god himself


RIP ThereseT..... Thoughts go out to your family at this sad time.



I don't really know what to say, still in shock at reading this, my condolences go out to the family.

RIP Therese


My heart goes to the families and friends of Therese. I had the pleasure of chatting with her for a few times and she was a great player who enjoys this game as much as we all do.

We will miss you Therese and we thank you.


We never got along, but i did respect her, she was tough as nails

I hope she rests in peace, and prayers go to her children and family for the loss.


RIP ThereseT...Even thought I never knew you well,I like the guy above me respected you and I hope that you will find peace whereever you are.W11 misses you ThereseT!


I hope Therese's husband and kids are fairing well, it sounds like they have plenty of family nearby for help so that is always good. Therese always had a grudge against me for some reason, but I still think it is terrible that she has been taken from this world, and in such a way. I pray her kids will get through with event ok with their father, and that this doesn't tear them apart. The death of a loved one is always the hardest trial...

Hopefuly I'll meet you in Heaven one day Therese :)

As for the truck driver, this is why I believe in "An eye for an eye"...
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For a long time, ThereseT was the only reason I ever read this forum. She will be missed.


I send my condolences, I'll miss you thereset, you were one of my gretest friends from W11 and I'll remember all the good times we had and all the support I received whenever I asked!

Casus Belli

Therese, when I first started to mod these forums, yours were the posts that made me laugh or smile, or even shake my head in amazement. I have to admit, it was always a pleasure to watch someone try and argue with you, can't say I ever saw you lose one. You had one of the most sensible and quick-witted minds I've ever had the pleasure to speak to on these forums, and I could see your love and care for those you called friends on these forums.

I'll admit, I've been hoping for your return to these forums, and I'm sad it won't ever come now. But even more I mourn for your family, because as great as a person as you were here, I can only imagine how incredible you would've been in person. My prayer go up for you, your friends and family. I know that MasterZack was right though, in saying that you'll be in heaven watching over all of us.

And to anyone else reading this thread, let me make something absolutely and perfectly clear. If I find one hint of disrespect towards Therese in this thread, I will infract you. Do not spam this, this is not a place for your fun and games. I will have no lenience whatsoever on this. Therese was an amazing person, and this thread will remain here in memory of her, do not mess with it.

master of the rangers

Well said casus. I didnt know Therese amazingly well, but the small amount of contact we did have was enjoyable to say the least. She will be sorely missed.

I suggest that some tribes participate and we have a memorial profile on a tribal profile, just an idea...


Its a great loss for each one of us and especially to her family. She was a wonderful person and a leader. I've been with her almost from the beginning for 2 years. We've started in RoE. With her way of dealing she stole my heart. my heart is aching, crying and bleeding since the day I came to know about her death. And I still can't find the words to speak about it and express how I feel.

Rest in peace my friend. and may your family members be comforted in this difficult time

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Raveing Elmo

Although we wernt on speaking terms at the end, we were for a long long time before.

I always wanted to read your posts when you were posting, coming in from my friends early to see if you posted,

Therese, Bye bye.

Juan C Torres

On behalf of Therese's family I wish to thank those who left thoughtful messages, wrote emails, and sent notes. Enrique, Maddy, several friends and family, and I sat down and read everything together. Thank you for the smiles and nice memories they've created. I also wish to apologize for posting the initial message from Therese's account. I didn't want to start a playing account but I see now that was a mistake.

Maddy's parents have raised her to understand the importance of politeness. If she hasn't yet personally expressed gratitude to anyone on behalf of her family for the written responses she will soon. Yesterday was a slightly difficult day and she fell behind which is understandable.

Of course we hold no ill will towards the driver of the other vehicle. He has his own injuries both physical and psychological that need to mend. We pray for his full and complete recovery. Grief has enough negative emotions of its own. We do not need to add hate. If he is to be judged it will not be by us. Forgiveness holds its own type of healing.

Enrique and Therese together were the most attentive and loving of parents. Enrique will continue and there will be no tearing apart of his family. I can guarantee that never crossed anyone's mind who knows him as a man and a father especially his children- one of whom was reading this forum.

A few posts caught my attention and I'll respond to those by private message.

I knew Therese for many years. I've only known her to hate one thing she never met face to face: thunderstorms. I don't understand the need to say she never liked someone in a thread that's announced her passing. However I also don't understand how this game is played so if I've misunderstood I apologize.

Therese was not a saint. At times like this people tend to beatify those lost in tragic circumstances which is detrimental to their loved ones for when their human flaws are remembered it causes more pain than it should. At first I didn't understand the references to the wicked witch of the west. Maddy and Enrique explained and we all laughed when we realized why. Those of us who knew Therese personally knew her temper and sharp tongue very well although they were never directed at us. Now I understand that her temper showed itself in the game and for the same reasons it showed itself in her life. For the sake of her children I'm very relieved that the community has chosen to remember Therese with the wicked witch references. It shows her children that their mother preferred to be known in a humorous way for the very things she considered to be her greatest flaws.

From Maddy I learned that Therese enjoyed this game immensely. As we sat around last night and Enrique and Maddy explained it in detail we had more laughs imagining our tiny Therese as a fearsome medieval warlord. But Therese was an enigma. She despised talking to strangers on the internet yet it's apparent she spoke to many people here.

So we knew that there had to be something else besides the game to keep her here for almost two years. Now we know- the people and this community. Laughs are difficult right now- yet because of Tribalwars we've found some. You have our sincerest gratitude as does the staff of this forum for their care. God bless you.

lord bight 4

Thank you Juan for those remarks. I must admit I am still really upset by the loss but that I have started to spend more time with my family as a result. The forums simply seem too quiet without those witty rebukes.


There's nothing to say in a situation like this, it really sucks not having thereset anymore, she's a wonderful person and player, i enjoyed all the time the i could speak to her.

I wish the best and only the best for her family and may they overcame this in peace and use a little of thereset's personality into their lifes, i know i will ;D

RIP Thereset, i hope you are in some place smiling to us ;D