These are the Years of our Tribal Lives ** Fun Drama Story **


Ok So ... Heres something Crazy to do ..

We are going to make a story .. Called These are the Years of our Tribal Lives.

With this Story .. each person can do 1 Paragraph ..

There are Two rules

1: It MUST follow on from the previous Paragraph that was written beforehand .. and cannot change the actual story type ( This is a Dramatic rip off of Days of Our Lives )

2 : Each Person can only write their Paragraph when it is their turn ( Meaning At the end of each Paragraph .. you name a person to continue the story with their Paragraph .. then once that person has finished their paragraph .. they then name another person to continue )

You can be named to write over and over again .. but please try and add some spice and fun by mixing up the people.

EXAMPLE : My Paragraph Ends .. and i put a name of " Pajuno " .. Pajuno must then write the next paragraph .. and he then names " TW Mistress " .. Simplez!

So Without further adieu .. Let the Story Begin

Our Story Starts Dramatically with a Car Crash!

As Fraser gets in a car crash ... he is reminded of Gicusan telling him not to drink and drive.

Fraser knows the Police ( Parmenion and Pax ) will be on their way to arrest Fraser ..

Fraser knowing Parmenions and Pax's Secret techniques, dresses in black and slips out the back door .. Neo Style!

Somewhere on the other side of " Dirty City 30 "

Baddie the big Kahuna .. Aka Bad Pacino ... orders his gang

- Tempz the wicked
- Mick the Dick
- Pajuno the Fish
- Garzuul the Pencil
- Pinky " Hotpink " Lips
- and of course Atreus " the Mouth " McLuvin

to hunt down this infamous Fraser and Agent Smith his Ass!

As we 1970's batman style rush to Fraser's location.. and arrive on the scene, we find we are to late as fraser has already caught up to Cshipley and " Jack Bauered his head in " .. as Cshipley's limpless form falls over the edge of the boat .. " The Mouth " Screams out to Fraser .. " )^)£)$)$%^!££... $$%^^ " ..

Fraser Calls back ... " What? ... I dont understand the words that are coming out of your mouth!! "

Somewhere in the Moonlight shadows of tomorrow .. Stands Crispy .. doing Side Kicks .. under the watchful eye of ... the one .. the only

Chuck Norris!!!

" Parmenion ... your next mate "
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