Think about it :?


Have a go :)

[spoil][spoil]You see a £97 item, but you dont have any cash so you borrow £50 from you mum and £50 from your dad. You buy the item and have £3 left so you give £1 to you mum and £1 to your dad and keep £1 for yourself. You now owe your mum £49 and your dad £49. But £49+£49=£98 + your £1 = £99. Where did the other £1 go[/spoil][/spoil]

[spoil]PS The spoilers are for you berny[/spoil]

the nemesis123

Started - spending - repayment - money in pocket = 0

£100-£97-£2-£1 = 0

So didnt really go anywhere. Its quite a neat trick into trying to make people think a pound has gone magically missing.