This is it guys (w3 closing today)


World 3 is closing today.

I started TW by accident sometime in september 2006 and it was W3.
I guess this was the longest game I played (overall by time spent on one game). Sometimes I was inactive for months and sometimes took over 10 villages a day. I remember lots of battles, so dense, when you have to plan your attacks or dodges to seconds and spent hours to plan my strategies. And yes, I did woke up at night few times to send the attacks. :)

I had great times with TW. There are lots of changes and different styles in other worlds, but I never played other worlds for long (only tried w4 and 12 for some time). World-3 was my "homeworld" all the time. :)

I would like to thank booger, bombardier, kreger, Aprodite Punishment and Pirate Overlord and other tribemates as well as any enemies who I fought against.

Big shout to InnoGames GmbH for giving us this game.

I am not coming back in TW any time soon, but you guys (makers and players) gave me lots of exciting moments and overall good memories along the way and I really appreciate that.

Hassu aka Scooperfield
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