This Summer


I applied. :)

No response back though. I think I have been... REJECTED. :p


found a picture for the CoA

just can't think of a name

Name: Hungry Lizards?
Tag: GEX?

idk i just like the picture

Child in time

@ Nuke911:

I am currently busy with studying for my exams, they end on the 28th of May.

From that point on, I will have loads of time to start playing Tribalwars again (currently only playing W26, leader and founder of the #1 tribe RT and rank 8 on that world).

So on the 28th of May, or somewhere along that date, I will pick up the pace and start a world, perhaps if 1 joins around that date (e.g. a few days after or a few days before) I might join it :) (looking at the fact w37 will prolly open halfway April or so, then end of May a new set of worlds isn't a crazy idea :)).

So if you don't hate me, and you think I could be a good asset to your tribe, you might add me. :)


I might sign up but hell, I have no past good enough to get in. Plus I am in 3 premades to start around this time. I have to quit two of them though cannot decide which.