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As you may know, I don't actively play a full role in any form of decision making for CLOROX, but looking on the outside now, from what used to be a good relationship between REB & Myriad, I am surprised as to how bad things have changed, how things have taken a turn for the worst, how people I once knew, have become ignorant, selfish and over ambitious.

This isn't just a dig at Myriad, this is also a dig at N.O.

I remember one time, we all used to be good friends. REB, though we had activity problems, those in the tribe, we trusted eachother implicitly. Then one dark day, the decision came upon us, we could not sustain REB's activity problems and although we had a good set of players still with us, the tribe was to be no more. Some went Myriad, some went N.O., some went to CLOROX.

Now, this actually sounds fine at first, because at the time, we all had our own agendas, we all had our own vision of where we wanted to go, with a common diplomatic purpose.


N.O. informed us they had an NAP with [DT], but not KNT - but when ready they would war [DT] again with CLOROX being the backbone of there operation... and then Myriad, bravely continuing the fight against [DT] on there own.

Things never do turn out how they want do they?

N.O. are now allies with [DT] - a total betrayal to those who have fought hard to get where we are today. Reasoning s? no K45 to support them, they have no other choice. They know a fight against [DT] will end up catastrophic, so they do what's best, for themselves, they cower out of a fight, they turn there back on everything they have even believed in, for what? to survive?

This is a message to N.O. How much longer do you want to be the laughing stock of W8? how much longer do you want to be [DT]s puppets, when are you going to stand on your own two feet? because I know for a fact, declaring on Myriad won't get you anywhere, infact, it will probably make you more enemies than you want, or need.

I say this, defending Myriad at first, generally I've had good relations with them and then I find out today, that one JohnCastle is threatening war with CLOROX because we recruited one mizaru from yourselves.

John, 13337 or whatever, you ARE IN NO POSITION, to threaten us over recruiting when you've probably broken every god damn rule in the book over recruiting in the past. REB almost went to war with you because you recruited some of our guys, you shrugged it off, like it wasn't an issue, like it was the right thing to do, when infact, you completely used the wrong approach in dealing with allied players. No e mail, no request - just invite...

And now you have the audacity to threaten CLOROX with war because of an invite. Get real will you, we're living in the real world, not some fantasy BS dreamworld, where everything goes your own way, it's not going to happen, get over it, deal with it. If you want to war CLOROX, war them, see how we respond. If not, then STFU!

You see, things change so fast, in such little time.

People, players, tribes, friends you put trust in. Turn on you, they opt for the easy way out, why? because they don't want any part of the greatest war there ever was. they are frightened children who deserve no respect, nor any dignity.

All, because they want to survive.

So I ask myself this, what is the meaning of this world anymore? who are our friends, who are our enemies? what is our purpose.

I'll tell you my purpose my old friends, I will finish off what I started, and if it means I get rimmed, then so be it, but I am no coward, I am not seeking refuse. I am here to make a difference and that difference started on the day I joined this world. I will finish off what I started and there will be hell to pay for those who get in my way.

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this Union puppets are annoying :)
Where is JP now? inactive in w30?


I wasn't running from anything when I mailed agariba then merrick2.

I've known uritel and others from CLOROX longer than I've known many on this world. I joined CLOROX because I want some of the fun back in the game and not squabbles over village claims.

[DT] and KNT/c have both been hitting me for awhile. I haven't run from them to a "bigger" tribe, but one that actually has diplomacy and runs ops regularly.

I grew in part due to REB and then Myriad. I won't deny that. I appreciate many of the people from both of those tribes. I remain friends with quite a few people in Myriad. I'd hate to go to war over this. And to want war because of one person leaving? One person who did nothing against anyone in Myriad? Can we say blowing a situation out of proportion?

I stand by my friends. I stand by my tribe. I've been pro-BLOC for a long long time and would do nothing against any of the tribes that were in BLOC or friendly with them.

If the dukes from Myriad want to know why I didn't leave a msg in the forums stating me leaving, sorry, I didn't because of the recent controversy regarding a certain bad propaganda someone from [DT] has done lately. As for not mailing you, when you said I really didn't have anything to offer Myriad, that shows me that whatever I say isn't going to find a friendly ear.

JohnCastle on 30.12. at 13:13
Hi Becky,

It's OK, I'd gathered most of that, apart from the account changing hands.

What I'm struggling with is to know what you and Myriad have to offer each other. Your villages are mostly in K34 and K45, where we have no presence and no intention of expanding.

That seems to create a problem, if you stay in the tribe and want to hold on to what you've got, you're going to need outside support. It also means that for our expansion areas, K36 & K37 mostly, you're a long way away.

Do you see where I'm going? I'm not sure how you fit, if you want to stay and migrate, fine, but we can't offer any protection for your existing villages.

That might sound a bit heartless, but as tong po says, we have a history of not being able to hang on to anything outside of our main clusters and we don't want to weaken the main cluster to do so.

I'm not sure what's going on with ReB, I suspect a lot of its players are inactive or quitting.

I'll tell you this much, I had to tell Jason not to dismiss you, so I'm going to need some ammunition to prevent from doing so.

If you need any help getting into another tribe, shout. I'll do what I can. If you want to stay and migrate, we have plenty of villages for you to do so, if you need resources, well I'm sure we can spare some of those as well.

Take care

In that exchange, he also stated that there's always the dismiss button and other various things (yes, I save igms). Yes, that was also awhile ago but the feelings I've gotten from both the dukes hasn't changed.

p0rtah t0 s1k

trying your hardest to get N.O to turn on DT and help CLOROX., this topic is totally pointless aswell. plus thought u was leaving?
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It is a message to N.O. or better yet a threat to N.O., continue what you are doing and face war with clorox.


No, not really a threat to N.O.

Evaluating what's happened to morals? Evaluating who your friends are? Evaluating what's happened to those who said what was important to them? Perhaps considering that [DT] would purposefully use N.O. as meat shields as it serves them?

Then to the topic of Myriad, which I will comment about below, but has ruffled a lot of feathers with people who one shouldn't ruffle feathers of.

I will say this. And this has surprised me. I've had a few surprises today, not all good and not the least of which is this thread. This thread surprised and really, it feels good. I know this isn't about me, not at the core of it. It's about past behaviors of people in Myriad and N.O. and how they represented themselves. But it is good to know that people remember other behaviors of other people that aren't always talked about.

I know some members in Myriad have already started expressing opinions concerning me. What they don't seem to get is this isn't about me. This is about one tribe recruiting someone from another tribe. One duke getting permission from another duke, doing it diplomatically. Then the 2nd duke changing his mind when pressured for some reason from one of his barons. I am not that important. Why on God's Green Earth he's made such an issue over this just blows my mind. He's gone off the reservation on this. Attacked me, taken a village knowing that I sent support to Myriad members. I'm not retaliating. Sure, I'd like my village back, since there is a NAP with CLOROX and they clearly violated it, but if that keeps the peace, I'll deal with the loss of that village and the units I had there. But to take it upon himself to do what he did without getting the full story... there's got to be more to it. I wish I knew what it was since he was friendly enough to invite me when REB fell apart. I should have gone then to CLOROX, but I didn't. I didn't because of a few reasons; Myriad was more "in the shit" (Marine Corps brat, forgive the term), Myriad was smaller and would perhaps need more help against [DT], I was more in their "area" (being more north on the map than south towards CLOROX). I didn't know they wouldn't want someone who could help expand. I didn't know they really only wanted to stay within 3-4 continents without really expanding. K34 was too far for them to even think about. When I first joined Myriad, I got several incomings from Virkamies. I did ask for help to a degree, but I got more help from another person whom I will not name but he knows who he is. Two people from Myriad did help me and sent HC. It did help. If for no other reason than to ease my mind. As soon as those fakes landed, I sent those troops home. But it cemented who my friends in Myriad are and who I could talk to and rely on if for nothing else, moral support. For those 2 people, I will forever be grateful to you. If you ever need anything, ask and it's yours.

For Myriad, the best I can do is apologize. You are limiting yourselves and you really have a good bit of talent in the tribe. Use it or people will start to get really bored. Just remember who your real enemies are and who you've declared on.

For [DT] to wonder about DTA's post is amusing. I'd wonder too if they set [DT] as allies but not KNT/c. I'd wonder what N.O.'s agenda is. I'd wonder what they have in their minds. For KNT/c, I'd wonder as well.


I believe that N.O are doing the right thing, sure they are going against there friends but really, if they attacked [dt] and knt, they would pretty much just be doing what they were in reb but with less members and unites.


The actions of NO benefit me and my tribe... however I think they're doing the wrong thing.... assuming honour, loyalty or friendship mean anything to you. sif screw a friend for a game.

I'm also wondering if Myriad are really threatening war with CLOROX, could that be the first move onto the same road as NO? Declare on CLOROX in the hope of getting a NAP with DT? Just wondering out loud :)

tong po

in fact is really funny reading what others think about what NO should do or what's already doing. before you reach your conclusions, you should know that every move we do is related upon a present/future relation, which is based on mutual services.

we don't intend to keep relations upon names or supposed friendship relation. if any of you think that you are supposed to work with us come to our duke with real proposals, not with just promises.

we are no BLOC or aBLOC affiliation.


Just alliances, I'm sure, but who ever cared about such agreements in the past, right?

...Is it safe for me to say, "I told you so," yet? Or does N.O. still have further to fall?