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Time is passing , things are getting more interesting as this world keeps running , there's a lot of players trying to reach tutadar, and trex as they are getting a great development in this first months , and im a bit impressed on how they're growing tho, tutadar been playing alone as far as I know, judging from his profile he wont probably be here for that much time tho he is been mostly getting bonus villages and barbs he is getting super big, he hasnt had much fun since he is not getting attacked at all (maybe scared maybe because he will stop and leave great villages) but anyway impressive. This world has had a lot of good things, I've get to know a lot of excellent players and even improve my game style

For other hand it has a lot of bad things 2, though this would be much competitive than .pt or .br servers, and it isnt normall for me not to be at least in top3 but was actually worried about it since I havent played tribalwars for about 4 years ( this is my second world since I've restarted playing but first for real) though the game would get much different and all, but it is almost the same, Only Tea is impressing me, really love the way they deal things and specially how they coordenate OP's

Biggest dissapointment was ANTZ, really though they would bring a lot of fun for my side, but what you can do, when you have a 70 members tribe and not even half consider themselves "antz" they've nothing holding them from leaving ur side, their leaderships have screwed up with the way they've been reacting to this so war, well, I think its not this time ex-jager as found a new home :/


Tick Tock


Sooo one more unnecessary antz -tea thread. Do we need 10 of them?