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i have thought time and again to update this thread, but the situation has remained in a constant state of flux for sometime and i simultaneously was considering another venue for my spam

i will post a much more vivid account of what had transpired since that initial cap made it 1-0, but for now i will simply remind the world that i am still here, and by some crazy act of chance, so to is lok of all tribes lol


who will win the battle for supremacy between wwiii and avatar?
i made this prediction in the k discussions thread 1 week after i started this world, back when the map was lot more dense...

sir.trippnLeft27th July 2014 - 21:061,509
mehatuLeft27th July 2014 - 19:061,265
boibeaQLeft26th July 2014 - 21:061,667

RygarLeft19th July 2014 - 20:06291
OFWGKTALeft23rd July 2014 - 03:061,410
poobear20Left21st July 2014 - 20:07518
all those players were in my 15x15
yet there are 9 remaining? seriously? i am afraid to even look at my 20x20 :icon_evil:
i still have not looked seriously beyond my original 15x15 :icon_rolleyes:
admittedly my growth has been slow (though the fastest grower in my 20x20 alone is comparable after nobling his mates who were no longer avatar family after i had cleared them)
true many players from outside my 20x20 have grown faster than me, but i made it clear i was not here to race, i was here to dominate
i have 6 conquers today, every single one is a former avatar village
in fact, i am faithfully recreating my original 15x15 in game map, all my villages are named after the avatar who originally owned them

the main 2 tribes are both finished (without ever having fought each other), yet somehow the academy remains?
since the declaration called for lok to disband, i guess we are technically still at war :icon_rolleyes:
it sort of gets it complicated at this point, still trying to figure it all out myself
i expect it will all be sorted by the end of the week when i will tell the most comprehensive tale of the southwest rim ever told, including interviews of key players

i will tell this story in a new thread as it is a much bigger tale than simply ME! and avatar at this point
as well it will cover the entire southwest rim, not just my area
i think this thread can be closed, unless anybody who was avatar wants to dispute my declaration of



What was the point of this? It's kind of a tiny war with no real need to spam the forums about it..


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name a war thread posted before this with more than 6 caps? :icon_razz:

better question, why are they more interesting than a war of 1 vs 50+?

there is a discussion that nerds nobled 2 barbs, calimer0 has not nobled a barb
well i never nobled anything but enemy villages, but that is less interesting cuz they started sooner in a premade?

get a grip
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I'm not saying the other topics are particularly interesting. It wasn't really 1v50 because over half of ATLA was inactive or didn't care about fighting you.


This is the best topic done in the history of TW, dont bash my lover <3


Great war story, inspirational. I wish 1 day i can live up to this man


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I'm not saying the other topics are particularly interesting. It wasn't really 1v50 because over half of ATLA was inactive or didn't care about fighting you.
true, not all were fighting me, and tbh atla stayed almost entirely out of it
ofc, not everybody was going to fight me, unless maybe i declared on 10 people
10 people might all fight me and i would even know which 10
obviously it was way more than 10 who did fight me, and by declaring on a family, i had no idea how many would or which they would be

but i was also not truly alone, i picked up an ally halfway into the war, had an agreement with another small tribe prior to that, and when avatar fought back, i got support from a player who had quit
those who deserve mention will get it in the next thread which will be soon


I think you worry too much about what other players are doing. Who cares? Let them have their game.



that is all I wanted to say really, and keep us posted. We really enjoy knowing what happen in your corner.