Time for a New Bus


You guys are going down... I predicted it and I will still be there then :lol:
You've only had a little more than a week of attention, don't get too cocky. :icon_eek:

We've got a lot more in store for you, consider this a warm-up. All you've done is noble inactives while being catted down and losing villages. You're runnin! And I'm not just talking about your mouth.

As for still being here, we might leave you with a few catted villages.


I noticed today that your banned again, :icon_rolleyes:. Its quite funny that you, a self-declared 'honest and skilled' player, would be banned, yet dirty ol' Bobbynaked is not banned and is chugging away eating your old account.
#1 Please quote me at any time that I have bragged an abundance of skill for myself.

#2 Lmawii has been banned since....We'll 24th I believe? Something like that. I've kept it that way for a reason you know :icon_redface:

Oh well. Shutting up now before the mod gets on to me :icon_wink:



Sigh* Just to prove you wrong(I was bored...), I went back to world 16 and dug up some of my old PnP art, and found this post:

This argues significantly that you did, at least one point, appreciate my work, and savor in its style. Thus, your "opinion" of me, was considerably high...

You change your opinion now, only, because I find a another tribe in a similar position to the old Euthanasia... a tribe you are a part of and wish not to see fall due to almost identical actions that brought about the near collapse of Plight. Owainn was the same way 'till my critisism, both on the pnp and directly to sjc brought about the reform that saved Plight from an untimely demise. And brought it even further in the world, to the ultimate and final battle... -- Then she understood. And stayed in good company for quite sometime.

It all came down to perception, and ones own vision...

I wish to give you a piece of literary thought:
*Ignore it if you wish, but i suggest at least trying to understand it.
I would be most appreciative.
Fire is force. A powerful one, If not thee most powerful one.... It warms our planet, lights our sky, forges materials, it even can make and destroy entire galaxies...simply put; it ensures existence -- of all things.

-- Controlled, it is your greatest ally. Able to create and destroy at will.
-- Uncontrolled, and it burns the user. And burns everything around it... Annihilation.

However... Even when it comes in such a form. And destroys, it also creates. And in time, you will see a little plant called a "fire fern" grow from the ashes of the blaze.

And like a phoenix (pun unintentional), nature rises again from those ashes. Often, stronger, better, more resilient. As the plants will adapt, and benefit from what was to "weak" to survive the blaze, and became soil.

In nut shell: "Destruction Breeds Creation"

Thus is the circumstance with RAM. It needs to be burned. So that it may be born again...

That is the point I have so long tried to prove to RAM, and for so long it has shut its eyes and tried to ignore. [/spoil]

Good Hunting,
1. You were under an alias and I did not know that you were betraying your tribe. Coincidence much?
2. Your PnP was good. You as a player and a person is sub par at best.

P.S Plight went on to become a world power, WITHOUT you or SJC leading it. Plight was weak after being hit by GUNs, RAM was never in such a bad position. We were ready for DECIDE. Plight and your arrogance blinded you from the possibility of GUNs attacking you. You though you were hot stuff, and obviously you still think you are. :icon_rolleyes:
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