Time to bow out......

The Clown.

Yeah I missed that one ;)

How's it going?

I am doing fine, working alot playing TW 1 hour a day as a noob on the rim of W50 ^^, and checking out W17 sometimes, saw woody leaving so thought he deserved a goodbye if I remember right he was in CHE!!! when I was there so was the least I could do. :)


I was on w50 with a couple friends and was top 15 past nobles after starting 3 days late then a sitter fucked up, lost our full 29 farm nuke and 4 noble train so I quit :p

To bad cc couldn't convince you back to w17 :p


you quit!

I would have restarted somewhere else if i had been privy to that information last night lol =D

oh well, guess i will have to dominate without you.

The Clown.

the acc's of this world are so big I missed to much of the world, ( I quitted at the point the first guys getting to 100 vills. So imagine how long that is ago)


Yeah I get ya ;)

I joined w19 on a 950 village account.. Got it to like... 1100 or something but it just didn't feel the same..

I can't join an old world like that, I need to build up my own account, get to know the people on the world and what not.. That's why w17 will probably be the last old world I play ;) ill just stick to start up so when cc is back I'm better then him at it :lol:


Woody old friend. I hope to see you again in any of the worlds of TW. Have a great life and take care.

As this now seem to be the thread about "how bad is np" I will give my opinion.

They have been having an easy ride to the top. Smart moves and logical strategic decisions. Your strategy to use every single member who got an attackbutton at the mouse to throw nukes many k:s away is effective. A few months and most targets get bored and quit......like myself and a few others I know. Anyway, I said it while playing here and I say it again. Djnelson is a great leader who can get all thos guys to do their part. I remember at one stage, 41 different attackers at the same time.

Bye woody, GL from Rypsterbull ^^

hmmmm....so many changes in this world since I've been gone.

Cheers guys <3

I don't really want to get into the niff naff and trivia - so good luck to all those still involved :)


woody finally quit the game :( i bet you will be back soon :D

anyway, i cant believe wars from 2 years back are still being discussed :( i remember one thing though, np's waves of attacks trully inspires me to do the same in other worlds :) too bad im yet to make it happen. djnelson earns my respect. so does fluff (if i remember him correctly) and few other attackers.


And so woody has quit. Welcome to the club :D Good luck whatever you do, wherever you go


Take care, Woody! It was a pleasure. :)

And to everyone else! Cheers. Props to *np* for still going strong.