Time To Panic!

Discussion in 'World 45' started by Daethon, May 16, 2010.

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  1. Daethon

    Daethon Guest

    Dear W45 community,

    It is with great joy that I announce a new war! Like Pervis said in the R4KI general Skype chat: Omen is indeed not declaring alone. And it is indeed time for Matt to panic, for I am about to unleash my frontline players on his tribe. And my frontline players are pissed off at Matt for what he did to One.

    Matt has shown no respect whatsoever for One. He stole several large members from us and he ignored me when I complained. Some of his members "accidently" nobled some of our villages and again he ignored me when I complained. I asked him for more cooperation, but - you guessed it - he kept ignoring me.

    And then I heard from some friends in R4KI that he was going to declare war on One anyway, even though I had shown tons of goodwill towards R4KI in the past. It then struck me: why would I even want to ally with such an incompetent duke? Matt likes to boast about his tribe a lot, but I heard from my friends that the truth is completely different from the illusion Matt tries to hold in place. R4KI no longer is the strong tribe it used to be. Over the past few months, Matt's tyranny has made a lot of good players quit, so experience is becoming more and more rare in R4KI. And what does Matt do to improve this situation? Nothing. He just keeps on yelling to his members and forcing them to cooperate, while he keeps inviting crap players.

    Let me tell you something Matt: a tyranny is not a good way to lead a tribe. I work with a democracy and it has enabled me to get a group of dedicated and loyal players together. My members automatically cooperate and I have no need for yelling and threatening my members like you do.

    I've only had one vision in my whole TW carreer and that's the wish to end the world with a group of dedicated, experienced and loyal players and not with barb nobling, lazy egomaniacs who only look out for themselves. I thought you could help me achieve that goal for this world, but apparantly not. Therefor, I consider it my duty to rid this world of your crappy leadership. For it has been proven to me that you are a crappy diplomat and a crappy internal manager.

    I had great pleasure in playing with your mind this last month and a half, but now it's time to settle things once and for all. One and GBKRM would like to officially declare war on R4KI. You didn't really think GBKRM, our loyal ally, was going to merge into you, right? They've had enough of your threats and will fight alongside us to reclaim K47. For we both know Hotspur has quit some time ago and is now being permasitted. :icon_wink:

    Let us see how R4KI fares in a war against a real tribe - a tribe that is not plagued by inactivity, complacency or idiotic leaders. I challenge you to make a "300 village"-OP on us, because I'll be knowing exactly when it comes and how to tear it down to shreds. Time for you to face the truth, Matt: you failed this world. I just hope you'll give me some P&P pleasure before going down. ^^

    To war!

  2. Tom no1

    Tom no1 Guest


    Matt Nice threats about starting a war, Well looks like we started it and we're finishing You :)
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  3. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Let the Games begin
  4. Xenthyl

    Xenthyl Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2010
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    Good luck guys. :)
  5. Daethon

    Daethon Guest

    Less talking, more attack-launching, guys. =P
  6. Xenthyl

    Xenthyl Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2010
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    Richards on that one atm. :p
  7. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    We are launching ?

    Whats that ?
  8. Chimino

    Chimino Guest

    Oh wow...I've been expecting Omen & One vs R4KI at some point, and now it's happening. A fight for world domination!

    If true, I don't blame you. I know one of the reasons Zero/One joined in the gangbang on LxG was due to an LxG member messing with Zero villas and not being properly reprimanded.
    I guess R4KI feel invincible, so this war will prove it :)
  9. simz1987

    simz1987 Guest

    i lol'd :lol:
  10. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Definatly enough proof they messed us around ...:icon_razz:
  11. Lisa

    Lisa Contributing Poster

    Mar 1, 2009
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    Funny that you think so low of Matt but have to wait till you believe he was busy to declare :lol:

  12. Tom no1

    Tom no1 Guest

    Let the stats do the talking and Less talking more Carnage
  13. PeRvIs

    PeRvIs Guest

    Heh, way to take a quote out of context.

    Another Daethon gangbang attempt. Been there, done that, stomped it out. Made you into a forum laughingstock. Looking forward to it again.

    And by fighting One, we're going to find that out . . . how ? :lol:
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  14. Daethon

    Daethon Guest

    1. Quoting my entire post makes you look stupid.

    2. It's not my gangbang.

    3. Nobody likes R4KI, not even their allies. I'm pretty sure I'm the one person who won't be the laughing stock. Nor was I any time. Fail, Perv.

    4. Turning my P&P attacks around makes you look unoriginal and stupid.
  15. PeRvIs

    PeRvIs Guest

    Calling people stupid doesn't make them stupid. It just makes you a piss poor poster repeating the same thing over and over again.
    You seem to assume that you speak for the entire server or that you decide the truth.
    You don't. You're one guy without sufficient confidence in his tribe's capability trying to win thru force of numbers, again :icon_eek:

    Large swatches of W6 and W21 at the appropriate times that'd disagree with your not being a laughingstock claim.

    Oh and I didn't turn your PnP attacks around. Your "PnP" is just a piss poorly written wall of wild claims you state as the truth without a shred of evidence. Calling bs on it isn't particularly hard.

    Edit :

    Aright so lets break this piece of laughable "propaganda" down. Daethon puts his remaining brain cells together and realizes that Mattcurr/hedgeclippers/Mingha is the central leadership figure in R4KI. He realizes that his best chance of causing internal strife in R4KI or to make other tribes antagonistic to R4Ki is to villify Matt. So he makes a thread that basically insults Matt in every way he can think of.

    Its so transparent, its sad.
    You've had a long time in this game to try and learn propaganda, and instead you come up with this easily shot down, feeble attempt.
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  16. Daethon

    Daethon Guest

    1. Quoting long posts does, in fact, make you look stupid.

    2. Do I speak for the whole server? No. Do I speak for Omen, GBKRM, One, my friends in R4KI and several other tribes? Yes.

    3. I have utmost trust in my tribe. It seems R4KI doesn't though. Your Skype chats are full with people chatting about asking Fremen for help. Heck, when I offered Matt help versus Omen (as a joke), he was eager to accept it. That's all proof that Matt doesn't trust the abilities of his own tribe. But where is your proof, Perv? Oh wait: you have none. :icon_rolleyes:

    4. I never been the laughing stock of anything. Every time I had a forum discussion on W6 or W21, I'd joke around with those people on Skype at the same time. But you wouldn't know that of course. You were an insignificant member.

    5. Yes, you actually did turn my P&P around. In short: I called Matt an idiot and you responded by calling me an idiot. See that? That's turning P&P around. Makes you look silly, Perv.

    6. If my P&P is bs, you can just disprove me, right? :)

    Naaah, let's be honest here: you can't. I have tons of quotes from the R4KI forums and Skype chats. Enough to back up anything I say. You don't have anything. Fail.
  17. PeRvIs

    PeRvIs Guest

    Again with "I haz proof, you don't" broken (more like mangled) record and repeatedly saying "fail" like thats an argument in itself.

    You claim to have the utmost trust in your tribe but need two other tribes to have your back before you even have the guts to start talking against us.

    Looks like the laughingstock accusation hit a very sore spot. Keep deluding yourself about your importance. You were a failure in both worlds.

    You're calling matt an idiot in the first place is just childish and immature. My referring to you as the same is just a show of how easily that word is thrown around .That you would build part of your "PnP" around it, just shows how poor you are at PnP.
  18. Daethon

    Daethon Guest

    1. Tell me: why should I even bother to prove my defence when you don't even bother to prove your offensive on me? Honestly, Omen, GBKRM, my members, my friends in R4KI, etc etc are all on my side and don't believe a word you're saying. You're going to have to do better than saying "Daethon suxxx".

    2. Correction: I don't need other tribes to face you. One would be able to beat R4KI on its own. It's not my fault Matt pissed off a lot of people and want to take him down.

    3 Suuuuure, keep thinking that if it makes you happy. The fact remains I was one of the most important people of both worlds and the proof is right there: even a year after I've quit, people still remember me. ^^

    4. Not actually. The fact I'm calling Matt's leadership idiotic is a valid statement that I have backed up with enough evidence (the constant disrespect versus other tribes and his members). Yours isn't. Apparantly, you don't even know the first thing about P&P. Try again.
  19. kompjuteri

    kompjuteri Guest

    things are getting more interesting .

    Lets see how R4KI will respond to this.
  20. PeRvIs

    PeRvIs Guest

    So basically you're not going to prove any of the things you said. You're just going to keep sticking your head in the sand and claiming to have proof hoping that somebody will buy it.
    Good luck with that.
    I've take apart each of your posts and dissected it, exposed its logic as either lies or flawed, your going to have to comeback with a better response than to falsify what I said, when what I said is kinda just on top of your post :icon_rolleyes:

    You're actually repeating the same line right now, that every failed gangbang attempt (including your's in W21) has attempted to justify itself with "Oh we can beat them just fine, its just that they made a lot of enemies." Good to know you're already bent on following that path :lol:

    You're being remembered as a joke in W6 doesn't equate your being an important person there. You were the leader of GU when they got shredded by a much superior STACHE (which again disproves your claim that no tribe you've lead has every failed). And your tribe not only failed W6, it failed very early on.

    Your claim of matt being an idiot is validated by . . . .erm. . . jack shite :icon_rolleyes:

    This is your idea of "enough evidence" :

    Sorry, if you're not educated enough to know the meaning of the word, get a dictionary. That's not evidence, thats a bunch of wild claims.
    If the rest of your "evidence" is as flimsy as that, I can see why you can't post them :icon_razz:.

    Keep talking out of your rear, and I'll keep shredding every piss poor post you make.