time to say goodbye...


My time to say goodbye has come on this world and probly tribalwars its been a great time and i can say i've enjoyed every minute, i would liek to have stayed until i got nobled out, but unforunately R.L has forced me to quit so i have made the desision that i am leaving tribalwars for good.

First off all i'd like to thank my tribe for making my time on here special, without you guys it would not have been the same, so thankyou.

Thier are also a few individuals i would like to thank, their are too many to list, but theirs a few i'd like to thank, firstly copthelotdotnet who helped me get started on this world when i first joined and has also been a great guy, hobart09 who has also helped me quite a bit i thank both of you guys for your time.. but most importantly scooops09, who has not only been a good mate, but i have actually got to no him in RL and i can honestly say he is amazing (no homo), like a big brotherr to me and i love him ;) <3 :icon_razz:

its a shame i had to leave now the world was just getting interesting, but unfortunetly real life is more important and im starting my politics and economics course next year so i thought best to get this out off the way, as all i ever do is worry about my vills and plan attacks and stuff all day... yes that is a bit sad but yanoo :icon_rolleyes:

its sad to leave but unfortunely i have to.. i thankyou guys for making my time on here, so special.

good luck to you all not only in game but also in real life..

If i have offended or anoyyed anyone, then i apolagise...



lol you really never post nor do any of us know you but sorry to see you leave. have a great time in RL:)


yeah i dont post much, but i read whats going on lol ;D ... and thanks man same to you :)