Not A Bug Time Travelling Attacks


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For the first time in 10 years playing Tribal Wars. This is the first time I encountered a hilarious bug in making trains.

I sent a nuke in infront of a noble train at a 1 sec interval. I attacked at 28 sec (no scripts) only to have the attack land at 26 sec at the village overview. I didn't cancel the attack and thought might be a server time issue so I sent another nuke trying to land before 26 secs (attacking at 25 secs), only to have it landed at 21 secs.

I understand delayed attacks due to internet latency but to have my attacks land prior to the intended time? My troops decided to attack before I even click the attack button? Are the troops sentient or does that mean I have time-travelling superpowers now?


Tribal Wars Team
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Did you occasionally refresh your sending page before sending? Please note that the timer displayed at the confirmation screen is in fact a client side timer (so it counts on your computer, not the server). In order to get the most accurate timings, you need to refresh that page frequently, certainly when keeping your tab open for a longer period of time.