I decided to make a w65 Timeline. Why am I making this? Because I am extremely bored :icon_eek:. I am sure I will have missed some important stuff behind, please help me full the gaps :icon_neutral:


  • 14th W65 forums are here for spamming
  • 18th World opens
  • 19th Blog begins
  • 23rd Llamas Newspaper Begins
  • 26th C2 declares war on Asgard3
  • 28th D3EADLY makes his/her blog


  • 1st First noble is made
  • 8th Hoplite741 is first to noble (2.3k village)
  • 9th Dabearo quits?
  • 10th ~Googly~'s side leave and form Agency.
  • 10th PacMan merges into MuFFiN. MuFFiN take the 'good' players from PacMan. MuFFiN rise to #9.
  • 11th MuFFiN change their name to TBC and rise to #1
  • 12th FMJ declares on Scion
  • 13th Agency merge into Care X
  • 14th DRIFT declare war on TOP
  • 16th UNITE, JSTC and Bunny declare war on Pencil
  • 18th [PMS] - Care x - Chaos declare war on C²
  • 18th Bunny and Pencil sink down the rankings
  • 23rd Trolls declares war on Sang

  • Will get updated tomorrow or later :icon_redface: