Timing Assistant, legal?


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On the Video description is says it has been approved for usage on the NET server on ticket: t13042539.

Link of the script is not correct though, it goes to error 404.



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it stopped workinkg, seems like the pastebin was deleted, someone has it or can dm it to me?

It says "Den delte linken har blitt lastet ned for mange ganger og er nå låst. Vennligst kontakt personen som delte denne linken med deg." wich translates to
"The shared link has been downloaded too many times and is now locked. Please contact the person who shared this link with you. "


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Pastebin and dropbox have this annoying little thing where they limit the number of times their hosted scripts and what not can be ran, for free (and understandably so), before they either want to charge or lock everyone out for a spell. Likely what has happened here.

I remember when it happened on a certain farming script. All of the game was broken for like 2 days.