*TLA*'s Declaration on Treason


I know. Do miss some of those players. Especially on the forum... But soon this world is finished playing.

Simon Yuen

Simon says hi.

He also says this world was won when he defended (with some nice stackings from mikey, jv, dmg, and rollo... unfortunately stupid DSL targeted the villages that weren't STACKED!!!) susancat's and simon's villages. That was the downfall of DSL. Not being able to gain precious ground in k43 (the main border) and losing villages in k44/33/34 to mikey and i and a few others from our K43 group was the beginning of the stalemate.

Then, the master plan with Simon's main man shylak, slayer, and mikey about forming NN. This killed half the world and basically destroyed the last vestiges of "real" TW play and skilled play. everything after that (bar a few local skirmishes) has been anti-climatic and pretty much boring. DSL had some great players and it was fun (if not nerve wracking with all the sleepless nights a few of us spent sitting and defending and sniping!!! NN was a great idea to get the world done much faster. the problem was that it was extremely boring after that.

Other than a few fun times sitting sean's account with WFa and DARYL and having NO TROOPS to defend with... or sitting exor and a couple other NSA when they were being attacked by grind... the world has been extremely boring since the DSL war.

anyhow. simon out. Simon hasn't checked in .. in ages.

Just wanted to say that Simon misses you, mikey, boss, original pimp, susancat(though she never gets on) and the rest of my little k43 crew (sbarr and sammo28 included)and of course Daryl, Sean, SLAYER, SHYLAK, Jess, Rollo, and maks. simon misses the ladies of NME/DSL as well. Hope all of you are doing well.
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