TNO-KE declares...


Odin will gain access to the eastern rim if they manage to recruit og2 and they are if i'm not wrong allied with the southern rim, so they are actually pretty poised to take a fairly strong position in the world
Odin is currently at member limit with 25 players in OG2 left, this means that either they're gonna have to open up a family tribe to fit them in or noble them.

Duking a family tribe isn't as easy as it seems, controlling 65 accounts and making sure they're all on the same page and communicating well takes a lot of effort and is just hard to do, few dukes who can pull that off successfully, especially with TNO-KE pushing the new members and defense not being properly set up.

Deciding to noble the remaining members will result in a bloodbath where OG2, ODIN and TNO-KE are in a three-way skirmish over these villages which will cost a lot of time and doesn't guarantee easy access to the rim either.

They might be allied to ANA and -RIM- but what do you think -RIM- will do when they've eaten the food on the rim and are blocked by ANA on one side and by ODIN on the other side?
I think they'd choose to stick with ANA over ODIN and hit ODIN.
If ODIN does not create a family for the remainder of OG2 it's likely that -RIM- will out push them in the rim part and they'll still end up being stuck surrounded on all sides.


We have always had a 3rd option that no one is paying attention to. Which way we go next will be what is beneficial to us which is the obvious.

Now what we do as everyone says can be influenced by what ODIN does but doesn't mean we will. We will sit and watch what happens then go from there.