To all the ppl i met.


Sup, many of the residents on w30 probably doesnt remember me.
That aside, i would like to say, that in my sentimental state, that i am in now, i really do miss playing at this world.
So many memories, from startup playing alongside shadryk01, to meeting the guys in THE, and getting to know the ppl in BD.
Tho my biggest achivments inw30, are getting to know Sir Gramps, pajuno, belvalchor, davepowa, silver! man :)
Theres so many ppl, i miss them dearly.
You guys/girls, have been my motivators, my mentors, my friends, and i am truly glad i got to know you.

I just wanted you know this, and i hope to once more get to play alongside you, in a future world.



hehe nice one silver :) atm on 73 kind of chilling. waiting for a huge world to once pop up again.


i was thinking of a big world with all the 10x10k's in tribalwars 1.
one of the old giant worlds :D that would be awsome.


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well that was the number they gave us here 3 months ago so if it keeps at that pace we may see 300k players which should fill all 99 ks.
holy hell. this was written back in 2014, some years older i still often think of this world haha.... just started playing again. still in hope that inno will one day open up a major 10x10 world and il be there and have the time of my tw life :)
Jp you still out there ? if you see this all these years after it was a pleasure to be in THE for sure.


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Hey all! Decided to check in after, uhm, a few...When did I post this? LOL I'll toss you a DM on the forums. We can chat somehow or another!

If anyone else is listening, that's an open offer. DM me or I'll DM you and we'll talk.