All right pricks, i am here to discuss an issue that has been brought to my attention since i first landed on this world.. This is the issue of how this world win was made.

It is unfair how the undeniable winning tribe -fire- has got now less of a chance of winning due to the world win setup.

Think about it, people who are heavy pp spenders (tudadar) probably has 1000 10% boxes stored in his legendary inventory vault. Once the universities open, all it takes is his 200 village with 30 warehouses and a band of 25 sweatshop merchants transporting his unlimited supply of resources towards the university to win this world.

What the hell man... it was clear from the start that the undisupted -fire- was setup to win. But due to the emptiness of our bank accounts which we spent on strippers the other night, this isnt going to happen.

Surely there has to be a world war before we close this world... Pretty bs if you ask me.

Can you leaders come together and discuss something? like for real.....


Be real lads and lasses lets duke this out before going for the short win, got some fun wars in the making that will be cut short. So many asses to be kicked why stop the fun.

-not a rimmed player
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Wheres the problem ? Conquer it and stop the non-sense. Also no premium time reduction is allowed so you have to build it with no boosts. And if my calculations are correct then it takes 1020 hours what is more than 42 days. More then enough time to attack it and downgrade the levels of it. In this case premium and tons of resources isn't the only factor that plays in this end game its also amount of troops you are having to defend it & to attack it.

So stop whining and start getting your troops ready for some long ass skirmishes.

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Yeah don't start trying to change the winning settings now. I'm bouta start selling invites to Toxic for hella pp.