To all w24 members

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some of you might know me some wont i use to play w24 and was a member of =res=
I am wondering if there are any more members out there from


I am mainly looking for Sherry9 i did keep in touch a little with her after we all quit but have recently lost contact with her over the last several months :-( deeply missed friend if anyone has a new/different email/Skype name for her please PM me.

Also is MaoTseYung? Still out there?
and also the SirEwok (dude pm me if you are I could reach you on your name cause your folder is full)

and to any previous S2ORM members does Wiz play still?

w24 was my first and my only world, i missed all you guys/gals was fun :)

if any old =res= members read this please send me a PM

Or Skype me
skype name is todner
city is Sunderland



No idea about anyone but SirEwok and wIz. wIz is usually posting in W66, last I saw, so you may want to check there. SirEwok is still around on the forums but I've no idea how to get his attention if his inbox is full. Perhaps try asking people in Off-topica (do it by private message) who seem to be around there often if they have his skype.


dang I remember you, you used to attack me all the time! you and your =res= members XD
Not open for further replies.