To Delete or Not to Delete


i like the second chat on the PACT noobs, it really speaks well of myself in retrospective

dudeja, relax, you were on the safe list along with all MM alive accounts

W2V were not so desperated after all

8300 incomings and going up, i guess i hit some nerves, :D

What a lovely nice Lady!


Im not gonna lie, I thought about asking your thought's and Gp's thoughts on it because i know how much you want M2W dead but decided eventually that I didn't need your help to get it done. Ask Willy if u want confirmation ;) The accounts i was taking with me are very active huge and capable players. The reason I didn't continue with the plan is because one of W2V's goal has been reached so there is no need for it. Your acc and GP's are dead so I didn't need to force M2W to hit you both. My point in the whole thing was W2V set out a goal to reach which was to get rid of you and GP so if we want to reach it in the least possible time then we should use every arsenal we have to get the job done asap - which is to force M2W's hand.

But yes you two ended up actually deleting so it saved a lot of time. I couldn't trust you and GP to actually delete and very surprised when i saw you two barb but I was glad and it was also my preferred scenario rather than squeezing M2W's arm which would've taken longer. It worked out better than i thought at the end :)

So what was the goal? To kill us or kill M2W? You needed us to kill M2W, but you also needed M2W to kill us? Either way sounds like you consider yourselves very subpar players compared to us so again, thank you for the compliments.

Here are my thoughts. There are players in every tribe that should not be here at world end yet you guys harbour some of the worst of them. Sure, you had some accounts that would have backed you (about 20K villages worth) but not in the right location. You didn't have people like Mal and Taz so really you had no front line. Z and I would have provided that, but even if we had agreed to it, you are too greedy. You wanted us dead coz you didn't get your December deal but you also wanted M2W dead coz of people like podsace (who has always been hated by some) and then you had some others in M2W who felt entitled to the win although, in your opinion, they remained neutral in the war against us. So you brought in Pact to help out and gave them an alliance instead so that they could help you rim us. That didn't work out so well so you were going to try and strong arm M2W. That was not going to happen as we both know. If they were interested in fighting they wouldn't have left in the first place. You wanted it all but you had to settle for the 'W2V goal' once we deleted. Time is not a factor for people like you but you won't take the risk unless you know it is a sure win. Your W2V group was not going to cut it alone and you always knew that too otherwise someone like Pods, who has been flatlined forever, would be getting attacked by now.


I could answer every statement and assumptions(like me hating Podsace, I never had an issue with him.. It's willy that wants him dead) you made there including the ones you 'think' you know but I'm not gonna waste my time. I can also tell that Willy didn't fill you in on everything so your details are lacking and mostly assumptions including not having enough frontlines.

I'll leave it at that since discussing it doesn't matter anymore since you and GP barbed. Thanks for that.


Tribal Wars team today at 16:45
Dear players,

Based on the recent survey regarding how this world will end, an end date has been set for:

July 31st

On this date the world will be closed to logins and the winning tribe formally announced on the Tribal Wars home page. It will not be possible to login to the world again, so any mails, tribe forum posts and so on that you wish to save will need to be copied manually before that date.

Any end game settings (such as reduced noble costs, removal of morale and disabling of restarts) that had not already been implemented on this world have now been set.

We'd like to thank everyone for playing Tribal Wars and hope to see you on another world!

Community Manager