To The Ones Who Got Away

Discussion in 'World 2' started by hooch, May 10, 2013.

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  1. hooch

    hooch Guest

    It has to be done - I can't let this world finish without paying a tribute to players past and present.

    My tribe already know what I think of them, I'm not posting to gloat, although we did do rather well. Well done guys.

    I told someone a long time ago that all W2 players are winners really, just for sticking with it over 7 (?) long years to reach the end. I thank our enemies for giving us such a great battle and I would like to salute these players in particular for escaping and playing right to the end

    Modesty - the absolute Queen of W2. I so wish we could have been same side somewhere in W2's history.

    Special mention too for deomonkid18....we loved your made the game fun <3

    Friends and enemies from the past who have all meant something to me personally over the years
    From my side
    Jonny wormy (the orig)
    Seonghong (Tynan)
    Caocao - would you believe to become Dr Cao in a few years time
    ripfin (asterios)
    El J
    Viper of Hades
    darkeangel (the orig)
    pizz (the orig)
    omahens - you were right buddy!
    okok (nicole)
    kilo42stu :'(
    Seeph (the Greek one!)
    Wrongname (orig)

    special special mention to 2 guys for very different reasons
    Walleye - utterly adorable and the best co player ever
    and someone most might not remember - x.DS.xArcher - the guy who pestered/encouraged me to become the leader of ME family when all seemed lost so many years ago.

    Honourable enemies/friends from the past/just memorable bods for me...too many to mention (this is becoming like an Oscars speech!). Here are some of the players I have admired (& was glad when some of them quit!) over the years. In no particular order...

    warhawg (lol)
    cpt Jack
    jkurkul ugh
    King Phobe
    Shade O Danzer

    Special mention to Mikeys, jas24zzk, mivi - thank you for giving us such a great end battle for this world.

    Special message too for furionxx (phillips 18)....yaboosucks to ya, how wrong could you be!

    Sorry if I forgot anyone I should have mentoned, I'm almost certain I have. TW and W2 has been a big chunk of my life for the past 7 years...but I am so looking forward to catching up on 7 years of the real world.

    I sincerely wish if I bump into any W2 player past or present in any other game, any where at all that I bump into you from the same side.

    Have a great life all!

    hooch xx
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  2. cameron182

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    Mar 9, 2007
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    It's over. It's done. I can see The Shire!
  3. wow seven years?! id love to say i would be able to continue for that long but i would be lying, congrats for getting through it!
  4. 12azor

    12azor Guest

    So much respect for the players that managed to stick to a world for 7 years straight. I may not have followed this world throughout it's existence but I'm sure if was a hell of a fight.

    Congratulations to all those that made it. :)
  5. Kymon2.0

    Kymon2.0 Guest

    Congratz to you all, Wish things haden't turned out how they had when i was in mpx but eh, Things happen for a reason...
  6. deomonkid18

    deomonkid18 Non-stop Poster

    Aug 25, 2009
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    D'awe Hoochie dear, t'was my utmost pleasure to keep your lot in high spirits <3

    A hearty congrats from me to DF for their well earned victory :)
  7. hooch

    hooch Guest

    Thanks very much deomonkid. I would have loved for you to have been a DF member, and I 'm very sorry I couldn't swing it for you and several others.

    In my post I forgot to say well done to Toks for finishing top. Toks also achieved my last tribe challenge of making sure DF had a toe in every K....or at least I think he did. K18 was looking a bit dodgy!

    Congrats also to Modesty for stealing rank 4 at the last moment and to Krish (grr) for keeping rank 6 from me :p

    For those who don't know, DF, or REB as we were called then were ganged up on just over a year maybe 2 years ago. We were outnumbered about 3 to 1 and we owned just 27% of the world I believe. Our enemy called themselves "End Game" "EG" because they thought that would be the end of W2. We changed our tag to "DF" "One letter better" and refused to accept defeat. Later on "One letter better" was changed to "Dominant Force" because thats what we became. It was rough, it was tough, it was exhausting and exhilarating. We had our ups and downs...the tribe was disbanded while I was on holiday, we argued a lot, we lost some great long standing players through disagreements like Kilo and furion, we argued some more and we brought in new guys, some were amazing and some not. It was a long hard battle, but we ended owning 75% of the world...a turn around like no other.

    I noticed morthy's announcement gave a bit more detail than the usual so I'm copying that here and the announcement for the end of W1 last January....just because I hadnt realised how much bigger our world was!

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  8. tokstolle

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    Aug 15, 2006
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    Thanks. And no more attacks was sent at that village so DF did end up with at least one village in each K with villages.

    And thanks to all that during this years have was part of world 2 both friends and foe, without you this world would have not lasted this long and I would not have been here for all that time.
  9. Marlowdude

    Marlowdude Guest

    This is my farewell to World 2 and DF. TW was with me pretty much through my whole teenage years. 14-20, haha! So it has been a big part of my life (Nearly a third of my life!) and I have met some awesome people along the way whom of which I considered friends. We had some laughs but we also had our arguments. But, we still remained together and look at what we conquered. The odds were stacked against us, but we prevailed!

    A list of present players who meant something to me;

    Hooch, her great leadership got us this far. I knew it was the right choice rejoining you guys many years ago ;)

    Krishak, you were the best neighbour I could have had dude. We ruled K22 and god damn we could had ruled any K if you and me went for it. You were the only player I would had thought twice on attacking, what a beast!

    Bonesaw24, such a bone head. But still DF's bone head. I am pretty sure he is damn sexy too ;)

    Steve34cks, a brilliant TW player and my favourite yank <3 Aww! Aren't I sweet? Had some good laughs with you dude.

    Jacton, glad you joined us in the end. Just took a little persuading on my end to get ya!

    Jonny Wormy (Cameron182, PhoenixReborn505), damn you did get annoying sometimes. But a lot of what you said made sense, probably why it was annoying. My favourite red head, that's for sure. Although I swear I heard you were quitting? Happy you stuck around until the end. You deserved to be there.

    And lastly, my co-player.LDonna, what a girl. Best co-player I could have wished for. Will greatly miss playing with you dudette, had some great times and laughs with you, love ya lots LDonna. Goodluck to you in life and maybe we'll play again one day <3

    They are the present players I care mostly for who I have been with for years. Goodluck to you all in life and I'll miss playing with you guys a lot.

    A list of past players who can't be here today;

    Pizz (original)
    Mivi (Best fights I had on W2 was with her)
    Okok (Nicole)
    Resputi the great
    Kilo42stu (Missed you dude)
    Exodus2 (What a fight!)

    And all my old Saints buddies.

    Thank you to EG for a good fight, but better luck next time! Goodluck to EG players in real life, I hope it treats you well and you enjoy it.

    This is my final farewell as I have now won 3 worlds on Tribalwars and consider that enough. So this is Marlowdude saying over and out!

    Bye bye and goodluck <3
  10. Mysticjelly2

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    Jan 31, 2008
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    Well did log in to see how things were going and found that you've done what I thought was impossible. Well done to all of you who stuck at it. There will never be a comunity like world 2 had and I must confess I miss it alot.

    Had some brilliant times here. I hope you're all well and hopefully I'll see you online sometime, maybe the xbox or another game like this.
  11. steve34cks

    steve34cks Still Going Strong

    Feb 28, 2007
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    Dont even know what to say really. World 2 was a very big part of my life for sure. First and foremost..My two idols. two guys who i have met in real life and who trained me and tutored me in this game. i look up to these guys for real and thought it was amazing i was able to meet them. Highborn and Jonesi! You guys were the best and deserve a spot in Hall of Fame if TW ever come up with one.(they should)!

    Hooch, you already know how i feel about you. All other leaders this game has ever known take a back seat to you and i dont care what their names are. Where are the so called best leaders from the past i heard so much about? i dont see them. What i do see is you..from start to end, holding this machine together and bringing out the best in teamplay! Your are most definite Hall of Fame!!! im not talking some watered down hof that all worlds would qualify for. im talking a room by yourself!!! Outstanding job!!!

    Mikeys, you at least get mentioned for what you tried to do :). no doubt you cared about your tribe just as much as anyone ever did. that gets respect in itself. Most of w2 was spent warring your tribe but you always had my respect.

    Marlow...pure beast!!! and wether we were arguing or getting along..i could count on you either way. thats a big reason this tribe was so good. we all worked together and i know i had your last troop if i needed it and same goes from this end. You for real had me in tears laughing so hard at times. you and pizz(original) have a future as a comedy team.

    Freps(if you are reading this),, freps was my coplayer the last year and half or so. i would not have been here without her. i owe a great deal to you freps. you are a great, hardworking woman and although we have never met, you will always have an american friend across the big pond :)

    joey (collosus of VA) although we haad different views on how to get to the finish line you did have a presence that could draw a crowd. i respected you 100 percent even though we didnt see eye to eye. our leadership styles were similar in most cases most likely caue you did influence me. hope the farm is fruitful bro!!

    Modesty. truly one of the best all around players this game has ever seen. Again, take all other names that always get thrown around on these forums and wipe your ass with them. where are they now? most players get nominated as being good cause of the friends they made. not you!!! you get nominated for pure skill. you have been tried and tested many times over and always came out on top. firends and enemies alike will agree with this paragraph and thats an iron clad fact!!!!

    bonesaw..would attack anyone,anytime!!! a feared player to say the least. another guy who had me in tears laughing alot..stay in touch my little ----- ---....fill in the know what it is..just think lol!

    There have been so many players in world 2 who have been influential to me its too many to mention. I have made some freinds and enemies in this game and i wont forget any of them. You all know who you are!

    good luck to all in real life and if you have skype..add me jrandall75. would like to keep in touch with you guys.
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  12. Zalinor

    Zalinor Non-stop Poster

    Mar 16, 2011
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    Hey y'all i played for a while on a couple of accounts in DF. What an amazing bunch of people i remember showing my friend who'd played tribalwars years before the world map when i started. SO much red and so little blue he thought we didn't stand a chance even with the conquer stats that were already in our favor at that time. But you guys did it somehow with many clicks I bet. Gutted i didn't hang in until the end or retake the password for my old account in the alliance so i could of played proud of the history my account had in the future. Congrats!
  13. XanderZane

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    Jul 18, 2006
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    Congrats to DF for finally closing this World. I played it from the beginning, but quit do to RL events (got married and had a child). After all the TW members and leaders left the game it was never the same anyways. I probably stayed longer then I should have, but finally realized there wasn't enough time in my day to continue playing effectively. I never used a co-player like many of these other players are talking about. That makes a BIG difference.

    I just want to thank DudeofDeath for mentoring me and giving me the chance to run the TW2 sub tribe when it was in it's prime. I learned a lot and had a blast running Ops on many enemy players with lots of success. After stepping down as Duke and watching leaders leave over the next year, the fun was pretty much over at that time. In the end is seems most players were burnt out and left. The survivors who had the will and passion to stay and fight eventually got the victory. So congrats to them.

    I won't be returning for at least another year. I'm enjoying my time away from this game and plan on keeping it that way. I was happy to win World 1 with HELL tribe, so I got my World victory.
  14. Scarus

    Scarus Non-stop Poster

    Jul 23, 2006
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    Funny you should mention these guys. Curses on Highborn, and Jonesi can bite Highborn and Jonesi were true Xig players, and regardless of all of the different kinds of BS that that Johnny come-lately, Warhawg, put us through, we always stayed loyal to each other. The turning point being when High decided to take his branch to HOT and mine went to Aten. Even at that time, we were often working together.

    Highborn was the one who first convinced me and all of the Xig guys to come to TW from another online game. He was playing in W1 and figured that us coming in with over 50 players all at once to W2 would be the ticket. That was about 7 years ago? What a waste of time. The real problem is that once you get over about 2k vils the game just takes up way more time than can possibly be justified. Made a lot of friends here and overall enjoyed the addiction. I can still remember sending 5 spears to help protect one of Patroclus' vils in my first few days in TW. Those were the days.

    Don't want to get into all of the machinations and drama, but one of the most endearing aspects of TW was the constant stab in the back politics on virtually every world.

    Congrats to DF for the win. We lost a lot of steam, and energy trying to retake the two large accounts in the north that were stolen, but I think, from my perspective, the primary factor in the win was just how unstoppable Krishak was. We directed several major offensives at trying to take him out, but were never able to hardly make a dent, and our whole northern contingent was too focused on fighting Krishak to ever free us up to help out the south. We just did not have an answer to Krishak and we just could not get past that.
  15. steve34cks

    steve34cks Still Going Strong

    Feb 28, 2007
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    As his main sitter during that time ill take that as a compliment as well.. :)
  16. deomonkid18

    deomonkid18 Non-stop Poster

    Aug 25, 2009
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    Hope all is well with everyone both good and evil ;)

    I know I've messaged Steve, but no reply yet ( meany HA HA ) but I am just curious if anyone is still itching to play but do not want to build up an account just yet. If so message me privately and perhaps we can discuss co playing an account on a different world :)

    Or I may just give you a pretend High Five or a Hug :D
  17. KingPhobe

    KingPhobe Guest

    i feel proud someone actually remembers me :icon_redface:
    it was an honor to play world 2 along some of the best members in this game!
    indeed it was sad i was forced to quit over uni...
    been a pleasure, been a blast, if you need me:
    W66: KPland
    W69: sunnysideup

    feel free to drop a msg! :)
  18. Ocialithe

    Ocialithe Guest

    W2 was a lot of fun, though i joined late and never really got too involved i did have the pleasure of playing alongside the likes of Arthas987 & dave_81 and many of the XiG guys and the many Tribes which followed.

    I was expecting it to still be going to be honest, even after 2 years off!

    Congratulations to the winners and i raise my glass to all those who were involved at any stage of W2. :)
  19. Scal

    Scal New Member

    Jul 3, 2009
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    It finally came to a end :)
    Congratulations to everyone who was part of this world and especially those that made it to the end.
  20. kilo42stu

    kilo42stu Well-Known Member

    Nov 6, 2009
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    Congrats to the original cast of DF, a very well deserved win.... well done.

    steve, hooch... i`m sorry, not for the way i left but for the way i spoke to you before i did.