Top 10/20 Tribes


Since it has been over a month, and most of these tribes have been in the top 10/20 for a decent amount of time, I think it is safe to say that the top 10/20 is semi-stable.

1 ~ONE~
2 Ya Bro
4 shAve
5 RobRob
7 ~GOH~
8 ~SW~
9 ~RF~
10 =GTC=

(10 for those that are lazy)

12 -KP-
13 OnFire
14 Time
15 ~F~
17 VS
18 VNM
19 Titans
20 TakeIT

(20 for those that are gracious, too lazy to link though)

Discuss? :D


1 ~ONE~ : I like the look of this tribe, know a couple of people in it. I don't see them going anywhere soon, unless they get unexpected internal issues. Hopefully they dont build up a big presence in K33 just yet :icon_smile:
2 Ya Bro : Not sure about Ya Bro, been number 1 for quite a while, will prob drop a few more places which im sure they expect. Im just not a big fan of them just yet. Maybe just to far for me to take an interest. Nevertheless still a good tribe. And as typing this, they are now below PITA.
3 PITA : Low member count, nice position, not a lot of competition, look good for the future. And *FAKES* is from W55, he attacked me many times with lots of fakes :p only person i recognise
4 shAve : similar to PITA, just taken on a few tribes and came out on top, looking good for the future. Be curious to see if anything happens between shAve and Ya Bro in the future.
5 RobRob : Looking good after the joining of the 2 tribes. Possibly future competition with ~ONE~ not sure, never know.
6 VIRUS : I won't say they are noobs, however they looks to be mass recruiters, with some experienced players in there.
7 ~GOH~ : In the same K as OnFire i believe, i think majority of them will just make for good noble targets :)
8 ~SW~ : Not sure about them yet, got low members and good average. Looking good, maybe a lil close together but im sure they could sort that out okay if they got noble trains.
9 ~RF~ : Same position as ~SW~ so looking pretty hopeful. Little bunched up, but less members only 32, so lots to expand really.
10 =GTC= : Are they involved in fighting Ya Bro, not been paying attention, but look like mass recruiters to, dont see them lasting.
13 OnFire : Low member count, plenty to noble, looking very good, hope to see them dominating the K
17 VS : on the rise, also low member count. Nice spread, maybe too spread. Still look good, hope to see them stay :)


Time for some in-depth analysis.

1 ~ONE~ Good tribe
2 Ya Bro Good tribe
3 PITA Good tribe
4 shAve Good tribe
5 RobRob Bad tribe
6 VIRUS Bad tribe
7 ~GOH~ Bad tribe
8 ~SW~ Dunno.
9 ~RF~ Good tribe.
10 =GTC= Bad tribe
11 ROBO Bad tribe
12 -KP- Bad tribe
13 OnFire Good tribe
14 Time Bad tribe
15 ~F~ Bad tribe
16 MANIC Very bad tribe
17 VS Good tribe
18 VNM Very bad tribe
19 Titans Very bad tribe
20 TakeIT Very bad tribe


I think Time are going to become one of the big guns in the future, very strong feeling about this :icon_eek:


~One~ appear to be trying to win two worlds at once as they have joined w60 as Look!


Indeed, but they're trying to win two at once by the looks of things


Apparently thats SD's plan even though i dont think he plays 59 anymore


Ya Bro are too awesome to hate! Love for some of the guys in Pita/Onfire though, rest can succit :)
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1 ~ONE~ Woohooo ~ONE~
2 Ya Bro From what I heard theyre falling and are not too organized/
3 PITA Good tribe :)
4 shAve Good tribe :)
5 RobRob All my tribemates, wont say much but we kick ass!
6 VIRUS dunno
7 ~GOH~ dunno
8 ~SW~ Dunno.
9 ~RF~ ^^^
10 =GTC= Dunno em
11 ROBO Bad tribe
12 -KP- Dunno em
13 OnFire Pretty Good tribe I know a few of them
14 Time Dont knoe them
15 ~F~ Fightng DeusEx lools suck
16 MANIC Dunno but i think from W57? Right guys?
17 VS Good tribe, full of experienced player
18 VNM Dunno em
19 Titans Dunno em
20 TakeIT Bad tribe, I know !


MANIC are originally from W24, We're they did very, very well. Not completely sure if they're still there or not.
but i remember them joining W51 on the rim and becoming a very good tribe, but got shown to the door by another good tribe.
I can't remember what tribe it was, but i gotta feeling Muldie was in it. :z


This doesn't look like the original MANIC. MANIC has King Geldwolf, Smurf-, sometimes Deb, hocchamp, and such along for every world. They are currently occupied on W58, where they are doing well. They have done well in the past, but they have yet to win a world. However, I doubt this is the same MANIC, as they have none of the above, or even names that vaguely resemble those who are required to be a true "MANIC". This is more likely a group of players who decided to pay tribute to MANIC (look at the profile, says:

MANIC was founded by Smurf on w24.

This tribe taught me about backstabbing...backtiming...sitting, timing, honesty.

WE intend to continue that commitment."

That doesn't seem like W24 MANIC, just some members who are paying tribute.

Also, they lost on World 24, to a mixture of both Storm and Deus. Storm being led by wIzd0m, Deus led by KillerKommando, RStudios, and Rukoh, as far as I understood. Deus has won the world.

Not sure how they did on W51.


Perhaps they're a group of players that were in the original MANIC just not the notable ones? :z


1 ~ONE~ - No trolls
2 Ya Bro - Lame trolls
3 PITA - Awesome trolls ( thanks to ben and zabimaru :icon_twisted: )
4 shAve - Stalking trolls
5 RubRub (Someone has to take over from Jace :icon_redface: ) - Desperate trolls
6 VIRUS - What is a troll ? :icon_rolleyes:
7 ~GOH~ - Crybaby trolls :icon_redface:
8 ~SW~ - :wood:
9 ~RF~ - :clay:
10 =GTC= - :iron:

Trollin' much? :icon_cool:
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yeahh, love you too.
btw, i envy ~SW~'s rating you gave them.