Top 10 Countries Domination

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A little twist on the World Domination, where you instead try to take over the larger, more dominant countries in the world! The countries are going to be in the top 10 size-wise, not militaristic-wise. They will all start at 15 to keep it mildly short.
(Antartica not included, sorry very large icy landmass!)

Rules are also a little tweaked;
You can deduct points from two countries, and only add to one country
Once they reach 0, they're gone forever (not really tweaked)
Please try not to base this off of true military of each country (like don't just boost the US because of it's strong military)
Just have fun! (This is a HUGE change, am I right?)


15 - Russia
15 - Canada
15 - China
15 - United States of America
15 - Brasil
15 - Australia
15 - India
15 - Argentina
15 - Kazakhstan
15 - Algeria