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y'all stop hating on dallow <3 he da best

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dallow just sucks...
he uses longstrike to become better.
he changes tribe names because he is drunk.
and thinks unicorn poop is actually brown... everyone knows its rainbow color


Dallow is just pure awesome, totally deserves to be top 10. :icon_cool:


No longer HazMat, Cal I am disappoint. This is an atrocity!

Olisity and Karbz for #1
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I'm so bored. This hasn't been done in forevers and isn't a totally flamey topic. Current rankings:

RankNameTribePointsVillagesAvg points per village
3Hells Toy MasterSTEVE!3,663,5873879,467
8Bloody PurityCRASH!3,047,1623398,989
10Instinctive SurvivalSierra2,962,5653169,375
Locke: Accounts a boss, players are bosses, and they are very bossy. <3 I might have a crush on all these guys..... or it could just be hatred like my norm. Emotions are so hard to figure out :( Check out dem war stats tho! Very nice. 1 loss, bound to happen. Amazing to be this size, helping with others, and only to have lost one(recaped as well lol)
Ace: 33% in love with this account. 33% needs a junk punching and then will be a sweatheart again. I shall barble all inside their cluster so Ace can hug me til the end of the world <3 <3
HTM: gawd that account is sexy...(those internals tho :icon_cry: )
runningbullet: Not a fan of the hugging behavior, nor of the mass spending of pp lol. But hey, way to stay active. Nice to see an account that doesnt give up when they are hit. I hope you hang in there til the last villa.
MATTNSAMM: Don't know ya'll. For your account size the ODA is not good. Not really improving even after the declaration but you're positioning is not the best.
Dacul1: Don't know you. 73 internals. Decent war stats. Nice work.
SportVision: Really bad ODA for size.However, I like your profile lol
Bloody Purity: Nice war effort thus far. Only 3 losses all of which you've retaken :icon_cool: Lovely.
krystalballty: Lots of Internals, nice ODA, I had a giggle at ur profile pix
Instinctive Survival: Awesome war stats. Other than Ace and (now lol) Bullet only player to have decent ODD as well as ODA. Sooooo many internals tho.

Over all the entire top 10 is riddled with internals. Never really seen it on this level before tbh. Noble players. Cause trouble.


Hey hey now. Need to say out of my twstats-showing 243 caps over CRASH! 114 are on myself! TOTAL LEGIT! That's how i like to kill time. (still horrible i know, but someone gotta get those done or you end up like Rhythm :p)

Player not found.

I'll be joining the Top 10 as soon as I can :icon_twisted:

Zeaho, you must learn to eat the food on the plate you offered me last year


Do something that garners respect then ;)

I might be a garbage attacker but I'll get in there on sheer force. And the chance of recapping is... lol.. well laughable. Nice try tho bullety-boo-boo-bear :D