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Diplomacy abusing doesn't make anyone a good Duke. There are many qualities required for good leadership and overdoing diplomacy isn't one of them.

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But what if history repeats itself and Al misses on the win here? Then I think he would have to make his premade on W99 knowing Bill and Jasper will lead on W100. Unless Al likes a challenge and we will all meet again in two years. :)
I'd very much like to not face the same people on every world tbh, so that seems like a good idea.

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If TEA continues to play like this, then they will miss out on the win. They are making far too many mistakes, responding to small provocations too easily and not thinking through their actions. As much as I would like to pretend it doesn't matter, a duke looking the fool on the public forums makes sorting out in-world disputes both diplomatically and internally more difficult. This is especially so in a tribe like TEA where a lot of the players undoubtedly read the forums and see Al getting baited and toyed around with by Infamy over and over again. I actually learned this the hard way on W32.

My honest advice to you Al, be careful of what you say on the forums, don't jump to conclusions, don't get dragged into the flame wars and I think TEA should think through their actions in general if they want a decent chance of winning.

As for W100, I'm looking forward to playing with you Jasper. If I get a real burning desire to lead on W100, I'll give you a challenge there :).


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I'm not going to refrain from posting the truth due to a few players jumping on the red rep brigade. It's been the same situation since the beginning of the world. I'm here to have a bit of fun and I'm not phased by the aimless bashing going on. Diplomatically we've been sound and consistent throughout the world. Although people try and tarnish our reputation on the forums, other tribes in-game know the truth and that's all that really matters. Standing up for what I believe in is part of my personality and I think many of my members respect that. Sure some of my posts can be flawed but I try and make up for that by proving vlogs (kinda).