Top 10 Tribes:


Your tribe 101 778748 18946783 7562632
Enemy ......9 89098 5933400 20807521

101 to 9... theyre doing great lmao


1.Storm - Great attacking and defending tribe. Lots of help with sitting, supporting, faking, and co-ops
Is it weird that this was an "Awwww" moment for me? I guess because of your unique perspective of being on both sides of our wall, I'm taking your opinion as coming from a good vantage point.

And since I'm currently pretty much only the in the middle of Storm and Under I can only really give opinions about these two tribes (without basically talking nonsense) so...

1) Storm - I agree with Jenkin (see above)

2) Under - I think you guys have a ton of folks in there that know their stuff. And I think that if you weren't up against a tribe that has "relentless" and "freakin' awesome" as their mottos (and also knows how to pick their targets) , you'd be #1. Alas, there can only be Ooooone....