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Hey there guys,

Not much activity on the externals today and I have a day off work so here's a small analysis/prediction for the top 15 tribes per K.

I didn't do extensive research for the tribes nor do I have knowledge about all the diplo, just the basic ones.

Here's the map I used.


Jedi, part of the Triforce alliance, is in the centre of K44 surrounded by 4 other top 15 tribes. I don't see a ton of names I recognise from previous worlds and Jedi has only 4 members in the top 100 farmers in a day which is not that great for a top 3 tribe. Their triforce alliance with TIP and Legion won't help with them in the short term with dealing with the 4 tribes surrounding Jedi. Diplomacy is gonna play a huge role in their success. They can either decide to fight CHOO with Legion to create a safe zone or turn their attention to the rim to create some breathing room that way. Jedi requires strong leadership to survive or they may up getting eaten by the tribes surrounding them.

CHOO is mainly located between Legion and Jedi which are allies. CHOO doesn't seem to have too many promising members with only 2 players in the top 100 farming and I don't see them lasting for a long time.

TWA and WET are the two tribes in K44 covering the outer core and have overlapping clusters. Both tribes have some players I recognise but WET has 6 players in the top 100 farm in a day while TWA only has 2. I wouldn't be surprised if these two tribes end up merging or allying fight Jedi for control over the K. If they ally to fight Jedi I'd see them merging after this war if they are able to defeat Jedi which is likely with the right diplo.

Night is on the border of K44/45 and located in between multiple tribes with very limited space to grow and I don't spot more than a few somewhat decent players so they won't last very long.
Edit: By the time of finishing this post they seem to have already fallen apart.

Escape is the largest tribe pointwise in K45 but their members are somewhat split, part in the very core of the world and part in the centre of K45. They have some decent members but if they can't noble or recruit their way to a tighter cluster they risk their core players being outnumbered by other core tribes and losing there or their player in the core of K45 losing to being outnumbered by ARE and losing that fight.

ARE has some pretty good players with 7/23 members in the top 100 farmers in a day. They have a decent cluster in K45 and if they are able to noble/recruit the players of Escape in the core of K45 they would have a lot of room to grow and take control over K45.

WLDD is the last tribe mainly in K45, I don't really know anyone in that tribe. They do however have a good amount of space to grow and do not have any major front with any other of the top 15 tribes which gives them the opportunity to grow fast without getting into a large conflict early on.

OBEY, the number 1 tribe of W96, chose K55 as their home for their premade. This tribe has been discussed numerous times on the externals before for having a stacked roster and thus having the largest chance of winning this world. Their leadership chose to have a widespread cluster for their spawn into this world which is great if you can pull it off because it offers a lot of room to grow and larger than usual world control this early. Their cluster stretches all through K55 and a part into K45 and K54 as well. Such a large cluster early on does bring some potential issues. The village/player density is less dense than any other top 15 which makes it harder to deal with coordinated attacks from other tribes early on. If they have to deal with such a coordinated attack support is also further away because of the stretched out cluster. The front of OBEY is also the largest with having 5 potential tribes who could cause issues for OBEY if (some of them) decided to team up against OBEY which is a real possibility with how hyped they have been since day 1 of this world. Nest is a very experienced leader and player so he with the proper diplo he could be able to get his tribe in a great position for the mid/late-game.

~WD~ is a tribe which is on the border of K45 and K55 in the core. Their cluster partly overlaps with Mercy? and SBAD and they also have a front with Escape. They don't seem to have great players, already have a 40 player academy tribe and no players in the top 100 farm in a day. I don't think they will last long.

Mercy? didn't last long enough for me to analyze because by the time I got here they already disbanded. Most seem to have joined a tribe called BNB which has its member spread across the clusters of OBEY and SBAD. They don't seem to have good members or a stable leadership and amidst these other tribes I don't see them lasting very long.

SBAD is the last top 15 tribe in K55 whose cluster is partly in OBEY territory, also do they have a small front with Legion. There are a few good players in this tribe and they have 7 players in the top 100 farmers in a day. Their location is tough, they will either have to fight OBEY or ally them it can go either way. If they decide to be hostile towards OBEY they will probably NAP or ally the triforce alliance to secure their backline which makes sense for TIP who could use the help of SBAD to fight OBEY in the future. OBEY will probably need some allies to survive and not be ganged up upon by the entire world and SBAD might be that tribe who could be that ally.

TIP is by far the largest tribe in K54, they are allies with Legion which means they will grow towards the rim and probably towards OBEY to form a frontline. There is a ton of room for TIP to grow towards the rim without any top 15 tribe in the way. They just have to deal with What? but I don't see that being an issue for them. They have a bunch of good players and have 6 players in the top 100 farm in a day. As long as they have steady leadership I see them controlling K54.

Legion is the last member of the triforce alliance is located in the core of the world in K54 with a few good players. Their first priority should probably be to cleanup What? with their ally TIP to then devourer CHOO with their ally Jedi to actually form a strong triforce alliance which could be able to control the west side of the map. They will have to eat through the core of the world which can be pretty hard and slow sometimes so we will have to wait and see how successful Legion will be.

The last tribe is What?. I don't think they have many great players and I think they will be cleaned up by TIP and Legion shortly.

OBEY will be solidifying their cluster and possibly growing a bit further into K54 and K45 and control Southeast of the map.
TIP will take control of most of K53 and forming a front with OBEY there.
TWA/WET will grow towards the rim and outgrow Jedi and push towards the core.
Are will defeat Escape and take control of K45

What are your thoughts and this and your predictions?

It Will All Be Mine

Escape will always have the most to prove to the other tribes in the top 5. It's been this way since day 1. We're the most raw and unproven premade, the same very premade that essentially doesn't even exist anymore beyond 4 or 5 players. Hell, most of our own continent seems bewildered we're still even around, let alone systematically beginning to dominate it. So I'am not shocked about your limited analysis on k45.

Regardless of that though, our Hippocratic Oath states that we must always help those in need regardless of circumstances that affect us, or the opinion that some of the world holds about us.
There's thousands of sick, diseased players on w96 that desperately require treatment before they and all that they own perish from an ever increasing world of madness.
Delirium is a very dangerous, contagious and ultimately deadly illness, but we have both a plan and the cure, and we will assist all that we can to Escape its vile effects on the mind.


Nice Analysis, very refreshing to see a post like this... I pretty much agree with most of the analysis.. but as we all know this is tribalwars there is always that one big curve ball thrown in somewhere mid game. I predict Tip to merge and barb noble their way to the rim, WET and TWA will merge and hopefully form the foundations of a well organised North western tribe, possibly even some of the wiser player in Jedi will seize the opportunity and join them as lets face it this coallition isn't going to work. However I don't believe the pressure of the north to be the reason that Tri-Force will fall, there has been a few rumors passing around that members of TIP are against the decision to have Legion as part of the coallition and would prefer to have K54 to themselves. Be interesting to see what happens to the coallition in the coming days.
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I'd say go for it. This kind of post is interesting to read and can be useful to understand geopolitics in tw


In agreement with Marcus, I just enjoy the extra content : )


I don't have enough knowledge to talk about the top tribes, but I thought I could give it a try with the top tribes of my continent (K54).


The TIP/LEGION alliance is now taking out what? and from the stats, it looks like what? members are either leaving or trying to join other tribes in the k, so might give them just a couple more days for the tribe to fall apart. and to be honest, based on their position the only option for what? is try to join the alliance since creating a new tribe will face the same fate.
another top tribe on the west side of the k is SNP, who is spreading on the west side of the map. I was in it until yesterday, when I was kicked by their leader after I told him what a terrible job he is doing :p. and yes, the duke have been mass recruiting as much as possible and is just plain bad, however, during this process they have picked up a number of good players whom I have met and some are in the top 50 looter of the day so it would be interesting to see what happens. at this moment SNP is having some problems with TIP, when Hellraizer from TIP nobled a village which was cleared by SNP, and now using their size to scare of SNP(size matters). cheap move if you ask me, but hey people want to win.
As for addict. well, you can see it from the map. they will be fodder for TIP and OBEY.

and finally, this k reminds of world 72, where Orc/Gators was in the same position as TIP. and from the southwest of the map another top tribe rose that played a crucial part in the in the disbandment of Orc. Though with pp farming, its very unlikely a premade has been waiting this far. so the best approach for TIP i think would just be expanding southwest without making anymore allies while OBEY can create a smaller/academy tribe on the region to counter TIP's expansion :p. These couple weeks should decide what happens.

I will try to update this mostly likely, so any comments on what I should improve would be appreciated but this was my first post so be nice :p

edit: here is the shenanigans between SNP and TIP.

Magmarr Oct 10, 10:42
Wow, guess that’s what I get for telling you it was cleared. Dumb of me

Magmarr Oct 10, 10:47
I’m guessing he told you who was attacking him, but if for some reason you didn’t know it was me, hopefully we can work this out. I’m guessing not though?

CaptainHellrazor Oct 10, 10:52
are you nobling?

Magmarr Oct 10, 10:52
Yea I had it down to 4 loyalty

CaptainHellrazor Oct 10, 10:53
if you take it from me then we will have a problem

Magmarr Oct 10, 10:53
Was gonna send the last one and then noticed you capped it

Magmarr Oct 10, 10:54
Well you took it from me. So we do have a problem

CaptainHellrazor Oct 10, 10:56
i took it from him not you

Magmarr Oct 10, 10:57
Because he told you he was being nobled. We cleared the village, you stole it.

CaptainHellrazor Oct 10, 11:48
ok war it is

Magmarr Oct 10, 11:50
well no crap, this is personal now, I offered to work together with you in this world bc you reached out to me but you try and steal a free village. Its common courtesy, but this was your decision.

CaptainHellrazor Oct 10, 12:02
you are the one making threats and you attacked me when i already have the village if you are too slow you loose

Magmarr Oct 10, 12:26
I havnt made one threat. You made the threat lol

And it’s lose*

CaptainHellrazor Oct 10, 12:30
yeah i'm a noob

Magmarr Oct 11, 15:34
here, lmk if this is what you wanted

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I like your analysis beranbus!

Yea What? didn't really stand a chance.

Your description of the SNP duke sounds about right, know him from previous worlds.
He would recruit to deal with threats or to stop someone from becoming a possible threat.

When I look at SNP I do not see much more than mediocrity.
Sure they might have a few good players in their according to farm, but i recognise a few names and they're not that hard to take out with some coordinated attacks.

One of the SNP members, Grumpy Gorrila who is a friend of the duke from a previous world so probably spawned in together, already got nobled out by TWA and he was supposedly one of their good players.
I don't see them causing major issues for TIP, after a few losses the best will probably jump ship and the rest will be eaten.

Edit: They even recruited tudadar's apprentice, just nobling barbs and mainly ODD.
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at this moment SNP is having some problems with TIP, when Hellraizer from TIP nobled a village which was cleared by SNP, and now using their size to scare of SNP(size matters). cheap move if you ask me

The village was gifted to us. Even if it wasn't, it's tribal wars not tribal hugs. Stop crying about it.


Nothing I hate more than a guy saying 'Village X was gifted to me so I own it' after you've already cleared it and missed loyalty with nobles..

Would be better to outright say 'If you want it, try to take it'


Nothing I hate more than a guy saying 'Village X was gifted to me so I own it' after you've already cleared it and missed loyalty with nobles..

Would be better to outright say 'If you want it, try to take it'

Please can you show me where I said we “owned” the village? All I said was that we’d been told we could have the village, so we took it. If the other guy would have nobled it I wouldn’t have demanded he give it to us.


With the Triforce out of the way, thought I might give it a try to talk about the top tribes.


1- OBEY:- The big bad wolf. The devil that's trying to eat us all raw. joking aside, they are in a great position. with points twice the size of the second tribe, 15 players in the top 25 players, 13 players in the top 25 for looter of the day, great leadership and a good expansion in 3 k's. currently some of their members are nobling ex- TIP members who created POSSE.

from the stats it looks like they don't have an issue with SBAD, which suggests a nap or maybe they just haven't crossed each other. personally I don't think they are guaranteed to win this world yet, as their expansion is still a bit too spread out to be stopped by some of the other top tribes, or you know, if nest clicked a button to disband :3

2- JEDI:- At this point, the biggest contender to face OBEY. they have 9 players in the top 50, with 3 players in the top 50 looter of the day. and that difference alone between OBEY proves they need more tribes on their side to face OBEY late game if they survive that long. They have two major options for spreading and that's either to declare on WET and stall late game a bit more, or nap with WET and expand into the core, based on stats they seemed to have went with the later.

3- Escape:- Out of the top tribes they have received the least attention. they seem to be trying to secure their own k for now, with 2 players in top 25 and 3 looter of the day in top 50 and seemingly solid leadership for now. they have good expansion area north, and don't see any border restriction with the other top tribes. they seem to be either a good contender late game or just trolls trying to write the letter W on the map.

4- WET:- Another tribe sitting on the bench north of JEDI. with 4 players in top 50 looter, and 5 players in top 50 player. as I said before it seems like they have a nap with JEDI which benefits them more I think as they have more space to spread into. a merge between them and JEDI seems quite possible.

5- Legion:- two players in top 50, 1 player in top 50 looter and quite possibly in the worst area. they depend on diplomacy more than any other tribe, and one way or another they have to declare on another top tribe if they want to expand....or mergeo_O

6- SBAD:- OBEY's closest neighbor with 3 players in top 50 and 2 players in top 50 looter. as mentioned they might have a nap with OBEY and can expand into the core, east and north. I expect they will have a say in whether OBEY wins this world or not, either by joining them or being the front line against them. they have nobled one LEGION village lately and I'm interested to see how that unfolds.

7- VAPE:- One of the two tribes of TIP. regardless of what people say I believe they have great potential to expand with an immense area just waiting for them( Granted they don't disband again ;)) . with 5 players in top 50 and 3 players in top 50 looter.


This is the update to my original post fro 11 days ago.

I will be using the following map for this top 15 tribes.


Departures since the last top 15

The What? tribe didn't survive very long, they have been eaten by Legion and the former TIP.

ARE is no longer part of the top 15 tribes, either Escape or ARE would be able to stay around and control K44 which ended up being Escape after recruiting the largest players of ARE which has been covered in other posts already.

Night already fell apart between the time the last map was updated and I finished the first post.

CHOO was located between Legion and Jedi and was doomed the get in a war with both of them which happened. They didn't lose their villages as fast as I was expecting and Jedi seemed to think the same because they decided to recruit the top players of CHOO after which the tribe fell apart.

~WD~ took in some members from the previously named Night but after their allies ARE lost their largest players they ended up disbanding and a few of their members ended up joining SBAD and Escape.

As I predicted last time TWA and WET couldn't coexist without an alliance to fight Jedi. Such an alliance did not happen, the strongest members ended up leaving TWA, the majority of them joined Jedi and a few joined WET.

Legion and Jedi planned to force merge TIP into Legion which failed at which OBEY took the opportunity to recruit the three largest players of TIP which ultimately led to the disbanding of TIP which has been covered a lot here on the externals already.

The new top 15

I will cover the top 15 from lowest ranked to highest ranked.

Rank 15: Mehh!! is the tribe our favourite barb nobler Tudadar is in and besides Tudadar this tribe isn't anything special. Usually, Tudadar quits a world after a couple of months so let's assume he does the same as in the past, this tribe will die with Tudadar when he quits.

Rank 14: I.C.U. has a rough location being located between OBEY and VAPE. I.C.U. does not have anyone in the top 100 farm in a day and looking at their roster I don't see that many strong players. They will probably be cleaned up by OBEY and VAPE in the weeks to follow.

Rank 13: ARM is a tribe in the core of this world. ARM does not have any players in the top 100 farm in a day and their roster looks mediocre at best. They don't have any room for easy expansion because they are in the core and surrounded by top 15 tribes on all sides. ARM will be slowly eaten by the surrounding tribes and their top players might try to join a better tribe on a short term.

Rank 12: BuJok! is a tribe located between Legion and Jedi. BuJok! suffered some losses in the last few weeks vs a number of tribes such as Legion, Jedi, CHOO and TIP and with their mediocre roster, rough location and no one in the top 100 farm in a day, they will probably suffer the same fate as CHOO, slowly get eaten until the largest players join another tribe and fall apart after.

Rank 11: SNB2 is a family tribe of SBAD which I will cover when I cover SBAD.

Rank 10: Pad1 is a family tribe of Jedi which I will cover when I cover Jedi.

Rank 9: SNP has a good location with a lot of space in the rim to grow. Their major front is with VAPE but they do also have a small front with Jedi and WET. SNP does have some decent members and 5 members in the top 100 farm in a day but they do also have quite a few players who are growing kinda slow. In addition to that, I heard that not everyone in SNP feels it currently has the best leadership which could mean that in a potential clash with VAPE their largest members might choose to join VAPE over staying in SNP.

Rank 8: WLDD is on the northern rim and has been chilling for the most part this world. They haven't been in any conflicts or did any massive recruiting because their 46 tribe changes are very low compared to other tribes. WLDD has had a lot of space to grow without fronting with any top 15 tribes but they only have 1 player in the top 100 farm. Currently, WLDD does have a front with Escape and WET but they still have plenty of room to grow. Their success will be dependant on steady leadership and diplomacy. If they can team up vs Escape with other tribes they do have the potential to stay around for a while but due to them not being tested at all this world it's kinda hard to predict how well they match up vs any other tribe.

Rank 7: VAPE is the tribe which was created by the core of TIP when TIP fell apart. It's a small group of players which seem to be very capable, their farming reflects this with 7 out of the 14 members in the top 100 farm in a day. VAPE will probably not choose to war Jedi or Legion at this point although there is some bad blood between those tribes. Growing towards the rim gives them the option to either go for I.C.U. and create a front with OBEY faster or war SNP and have that frontline with OBEY later on. I wouldn't be surprised if some conflict between SNP and VAPE arises in the next two weeks.

Rank 6: Legion being located in the core of the world has some safety from one side because of their alliance with Jedi but the failed force merge with TIP caused other tribes to lose confidence in the leadership of Legion which could have some diplomatic effects in the future. When the small tribes such as ARM and BuJok! are cleaned up Legion will have large fronts with VAPE, OBEY, SBAD and possibly Escape. Looking at the roster of Legion they probably have the least amount of excellent players in the tribe which is also reflected by the farming, only 3 players in the top 100 farm in a day. Legion will definitely be outgrown by the other top tribes and in the long run will be forced to merge into Jedi or be eaten by their enemies.

Rank 5: SBAD might even be in a tougher spot than Legion due to their location, they don't just have a large front with OBEY, they also have players inside the cluster of OBEY. They also (will) have a large front with Legion and Escape. SBAD does have some good players with I know/recognise from previous worlds but they are in a tough spot and diplomacy will be a large factor on how well they can do this world. It seems they feel they'll need more help than just 40 players because they have a 28 player family tribe. It would be hard to manage 68 players in a war in that location, I'm curious to see if they can pull it off.

Rank 4: WET has a great position to grow this world. They have a huge front with Jedi but that's the only real front they have apart from the small WLDD front. So if they get into conflict with Jedi they have the possibility to team up with other tribes against Jedi to turn the odds in their favour to win. WET currently has 9 players in the top 100 farmed in a day which is decent compared to other tribes. Looking at their roster they seem to have some good players so if they play the world right they should be able to reach endgame.

Rank 3: Jedi has had some early wars this world but has resolved most of those with recruitment. Jedi currently has 155 tribe changes which is a lot, Escape has 117 and they are already being accused of recruiting all their opposition. Not only do they have 155 tribe changes, they also have a 31 player family tribe which also has 121 tribe changes adding up to a grand total of 71 players and 276 tribe changes in the Jedi family, even beating the 218 tribe changes of Legion. The access to the rim is completely blocked off by WET, on the south Jedi has a front with SNP and VAPE and to the east Jedi has a front with Escape. After cleaning up BuJok! and the remaining players/small tribes in their cluster they will have to fight on one of those fronts and it's unlikely the players of Jedi have learned to work together well yet due to the vastly changing roster. By the time they will have to fight one of these other tribes it's likely the enemy will have better teamwork due to being a tighter group and having worked together more. There's also the fact that leadership has to manage 71 players which is a lot. Even though Jedi has 9 players in the top 100 farm in a day and some decent players it's going to be a challenge for them and especially the leadership to guide them to the end game.

Rank 2: Escape has eliminated the largest threat in K45, ARE. After a few caps the largest members caved and decided to join Escape. With a few recruits and smart nobling Escape has been able to take control over most of K45. Escape has 9 players in the top 100 farm in a day and a decent roster. They have some options for expansion, they could focus on moving to K35 and fight WLDD, noble east yo try cut off OBEY from gaining more control in K45 and K46 and risk a conflict with OBEY in the process. These two options would be the most logical move for Escape because warring Jedi, WET, SBAD or OBEY would likely slow down their growth a lot over growing towards the rim.

Rank 1: OBEY has been rank 1 since a few days after this world opened and is still growing fast. They used the triforce breakup to recruit the top three of TIP which not only gave them more control in K54 but also broke up TIP which should give them an easier time expanding further into K54. Their players are very active on this world with 24/34 players in the top 100 farm in a day which is nearly as much as the other 3 tribes in the top 4 combined. OBEY has yet to come into conflict with any major tribe but they could choose to expand towards the rim first and create some backline because nearly all of their villages are close to a front with a top 15 tribe. As long as OBEY doesn't get ganged up upon by the entire world too early into this world they should be able to reach the endgame.
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