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Delirium is a known and highly dangerous illness that affects countless individuals across the globe every day. It is virulently infectious and slowly, deviously, destroys the sanity of all those it infects, plunging them into a endless realm of madness. One of the most common warning signs is when an individual begins talk to themselves, rapidly crashing into self loathing and depression, making outrageous claims and demands as their grasp of reality and order begins to slip. Outbursts of rage and uncontrollable violence are often very quick to follow as the individual seeks in order to spread the disease to more individuals, often harming themselves in the process.

If you suspect someone of contracting this incredibly dangerous disease,avoid further direct human contact and leave the proximity of that individual immediately, also please ensure to report the potential outbreak to your nearest ESCAPE doctor the very moment you feel you are safe.
We are highly trained in containment and quarantine of this contemptible plague and will do all that we can in order to prevent further unnecessary loss to human life.

You've been waiting for the perfect moment to post this haven't you? :p My brain hurts