Top 20 player opinions


Hi,i played this world awhile ago and i still know of some of the goings on of the world as i have friends in the world and my brother and i was just interested to see what people thought of the top 20 players,nubs,good,dont deserve top 20 ect ect,and accounts better with new owner(if they have one) ect ect.Be back in a few days to see if anyone has posted or if i have just been flamed :icon_redface:

1 1ndigo
2 avegailrm12(new player or co-player?)
3 Beacons (new player)
4 tasting
5 DreamBrothers(new players)
6 djset1(new player)
7 tanya2112
8 gin61531
9 greyfox707
10 Matty Martin
11 scan man
12 BRIGANTIA(new player?)
13 leeth1
14 paslasks
15 dt0032
16 jrl23
17 lewisperkins
18 absorbtion
19 Crazywoman(new player?)
20 Deathdeala

These can be interesting though


The ones i know..

1ndi,nice person and a good player
Ave,nice guy,don't know much about his playing style tbh
DB,Jake was vg,C5 and Geo,good leaders,both good players having a hard time atm,they will kick back ;)
Greyfox,good player and a nice guy
Scan,good player,good leader and a nice guy
Abs,good player and nice person
Crazy,original was a good player and a nice person :)

Only posted about the ones i know and i skipped me :D


1 1ndigo - NBG recently drew first blood against her. Can't wait to get me some of that.
2 avegailrm12(new player or co-player?) - looks pretty good considering he's under heavy fire and holding out well.
3 Beacons (new player) - dunno much.
4 tasting - I know this one :p He nobled me so kudos to that.
5 DreamBrothers(new players) - charlie's a good fellow, geo's nice too if you can get past the insanity.
6 djset1(new player) - dunno much.
7 tanya2112
8 gin61531
9 greyfox707 - ah greyfox. Thanks for the ODD man :p
10 Matty Martin
11 scan man - scan's a good enough guy if you know how to handle him :icon_wink:
12 BRIGANTIA(new player?) - cool biz.
13 leeth1
14 paslasks - Played with him on world 47, good guy and great player.
15 dt0032 - most badass ennoblement record I've seen.
16 jrl23 - :icon_cool:
17 lewisperkins - Loopy lewis.
18 absorbtion - not bad from what I've seen.
19 Crazywoman(new player?)
20 Deathdeala