Top 20 Players


1 Cardnial DVADER 7.290.699 711 10254 - Random newb

2 wizzydizzy [V] 5.874.537 586 10025 - glad to see this account growing

3 April1988 DVADER 5.446.376 548 9939 - Catching up to wizzy fast!

4 desis DVADER 5.276.884 537 9827 - At the rate of his growing, and always chasing rank 3, my guess is he will get it if/when he passes wizzy

5 RacerXXX DVADER 5.044.560 513 9833

6 BillMac DVADER 4.652.885 465 10006 - Refuses to fight ~S~

7 RagePBJ DVADER 4.610.302 461 10001 - Nice guy and good growth, doing great in his area

8 caveman 10345 [V] 4.605.581 477 9655 - Who cant love him, he even has his own fan club!

9 xXOldmanXx [V] 4.553.511 464 9814

10 sainfate DVADER 4.442.409 446 9961

11 darth boru XVI 4.369.907 447 9776

12 undertheradar XVI 4.361.264 443 9845

13 scurf DVADER 4.356.177 441 9878

14 Destination Unknown [V] 4.353.271 420 10365

15 jmhumphrey123 [V] 4.352.954 440 9893

16 skipp XVI 4.331.799 409 10591

17 Rage Panda DVADER 4.284.453 414 10349

18 XxAvalanchexX [V] 4.207.427 434 9695

19 the stooge DVADER 4.147.266 460 9016 - Glad you fiially made it to the top 20 bro

20 power270lb [V] 4.120.543 423 9741 - keep up the good work!

Caveman 10345

1 - Cardnial - DVADER - 7.303.818 - You have a amazing lead from second place well done buddy, I have heard this is your first world if this is true Bloody fantastic job. :icon_biggrin:

2 - wizzydizzy - [V] - 5.875.455 - I hope the new owner can catch up to cardnial, Somebody needs to. :icon_razz:

3 - April1988 - DVADER - 5.446.790

4 - desis - DVADER - 5.298.114 - Has always been a great player right from the off i knew he would be one to stick around.

5 - RacerXXX - DVADER - 5.045.926

6 - BillMac - DVADER - 4.653.137

7 - Caveman 10345 - [V] - 4.618.703 - I have my own fan club, and i am Elises b*tch, What more do i want ? :icon_redface:

8 - RagePBJ - DVADER - 4.609.890

9 - xXOldmanXx - [V] - 4.554.069 - Great leader, The most honest guy i have met on tribal wars so far, P.S Stop trying to catch me :icon_evil:

10 - sainfate - DVADER - 4.443.389

11 - darth boru - XVI - 4.370.044 - XVI what more can i say :icon_twisted:

12 - undertheradar - XVI - 4.362.536 - XVI what more can i say :icon_twisted:

13 - scurf - DVADER - 4.358.323

14 - jmhumphrey123 - [V] - 4.353.884 - Is doing a super job holding out from XVI *thumbs up*

15 - Destination Unknown - [V] - 4.353.296 - Lets hope this new owner will stay here this time.

16 - skipp - XVI - 4.331.799 - XVI what more can i say :icon_twisted:

17 - Rage Panda - DVADER - 4.284.236

18 - XxAvalanchexX - [V] - 4.209.244 - Amazing leader and a even better friend.

19 - the stooge - DVADER - 4.166.758 - Congrats on getting into the top 20 dude.

20 - power270lb - [V] - 4.138.018 - Well what can i say hes just a complete legend, Want anything nuked? Contact him :)


1 Cardnial - DVADER - 7.314.204
ODA: (24,822,528 score)
ODD: (26,860,184 score)
Opinion: Great OD rise since the last time I commented on you, great work with that, was needed, hopefully it continues to rise to rank 1 standard. Stay away from barbs and internal as much as you can, a #1 player that is compiled of barb and internal nobling records never look nice. Points wise, fair bit ahead of the rest, well done.

2 wizzydizzy - [V] - 5.885.047
ODA: (30,002,160 score)
ODD: (21,670,561 score)
Opinion: New owner should get this going again, Hopefully get it moving to give Cardnial a bit of competition, not rating ODz cause I know thats not down to one persons effort.

3 April1988 - DVADER - 5.446.790
ODA: (18,805,236 score)
ODD: (2,136,957 score)
Opinion: ODA is alright, ODD needs to improve, maybe it's cause you have had no competition around you.?

4 desis - DVADER - 5.298.430
ODA: (23,314,066 score)
ODD: (20,767,910 score)
Opinion: Nice ODz, points are good of course, I reckon if you keep at it you'll get #3 soon, you deserve it :)

5 RacerXXX - DVADER - 5.046.165
ODA: (23,700,888 score)
ODD: (12,538,007 score)
Opinion: Just looking at stats, good going..

6 BillMac - DVADER - 4.653.175
ODA: (13,251,732 score)
ODD: (3,367,351 score)
Opinion: Maybe the same problem as April1988, but your ODA should be more for your size.

7 caveman 10345 - [V] - 4.618.703
ODA: (14,511,106 score)
ODD: (8,002,528 score)
Opinion: Complete and utter newb, should hit delete, thinks Elise likes him pffffft......

8 RagePBJ - DVADER - 4.609.890
ODA: (20,679,017 score)
ODD: (4,604,562 score)
Opinion: ODD, go find some.

9 xXOldmanXx - [V] - 4.554.069
ODA: (13,187,191 score)
ODD: (2,103,336 score)
Opinion: Stats wise, some more OD would be nice to look at..

10 sainfate - DVADER - 4.443.297
ODA: (22,359,550 score)
ODD: (2,949,514 score)
Opinion: Same as RagePBJ

11 darth boru - XVI - 4.370.044
ODA: (11,343,937 score)
ODD: (2,698,670 score)
Opinion: Best XVI player in terms of points, In a war, your ODA & ODD suck.

12 undertheradar - - XVI - 4.362.749
ODA: (26,424,636 score)
ODD: (11,728,966 score)
Opinion: Decent ODA, looks like you have done something... ^ Unlike some ^

13 scurf - - DVADER - 4.358.646
ODA: (27,162,471 score)
ODD: (17,490,833 score)
Opinion: Nice going :)

14 jmhumphrey123 - [V] - 4.353.879
ODA: (33,217,066 score)
ODD: (34,897,803 score)
Opinion: ODT rank 1..... No more to say

15 Destination Unknown - [V] - 4.353.296
ODA: (22,261,428 score)
ODD: (4,322,092 score)
Opinion: We will see :icon_neutral:

16 skipp - XVI - 4.331.799
ODA: (11,361,432 score)
ODD: (1,617,433 score)
Opinion: Pfft.... No comment

17 Rage Panda - DVADER - 4.284.313
ODA: (24,488,928 score)
ODD: (5,835,165 score)
Opinion: Nice ODA :)

18 XxAvalanchexX - [V] - 4.209.356
ODA: (24,085,226 score)
ODD: (8,171,605 score)
Opinion: Good ODA, decent ODD, but apparently I ask too many questions so >.<

19 the stooge - DVADER - 4.171.958
ODA: (20,101,836 score)
ODD: (6,537,907 score)
Opinion: Going well...

20 power270lb - [V] - 4.138.184
ODA: (28,766,899 score)
ODD: (5,284,172 score)
Opinion: You rock <3
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damn I wonder if Ill ever be able to join this club. Where the hell is the top 20 ODA forum. HEHE

On a side note, ODD is kinda out of ones control. Hard to make people attack you. Especillay when all your enemys are half your size and scared !@#$liss of bigger players since theres no morale.
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Yeah I want in too. Tell you what, Conspik, lets just start knocking them out starting with #20.

Power, you ready? :p


All we gotta do is overbuild our villages like most of these guys and wed be really close.


Actually looks like some of them took your free advice.... but not all.

15 Destination Unknown [V] 4.353.296 420 10365
16 skipp XVI 4.331.799 409 10591
17 Rage Panda DVADER 4.284.711 414 10350


Due to only having access to the INTERNET via my cell for the last few weeks, with the once in a blue moon of being able to goto a location to where i can borrow it from a store, i know i have been slacking a great deal on growing, when i do find a location to be able to do this, i will do it again, but i am also curious on what you all think of the current top 20.


1 Cardnial
2 April1988
3 desis
4 RagePBJ
5 RacerXXX
6 undertheradar
7 scurf
8 darth boru
9 sainfate
10 Pain.Carbon
11 unorthodox
12 the stooge
13 Lucas Hope
14 caveman 10345
15 apoll12
16 BillMac
17 Ausmark
18 Destination Unknown
19 hlmartin
20 skipp


I was posting a list of the players so others didn't have to look it up, I cannot really comment on almost all of those players because I have had no experience of their technical skill, I can however comment on the ones I do know if you want?


1 Cardnial - Great player technically and as a person, people took the piss for the amount of internals taken but Cards has most certainly shown that he deserves the No. 1 spot by actually using those internals to help his tribe.

2 April1988 - No clue

3 desis - No clue

4 RagePBJ - No clue, you did dis Shahyd that's a plus for me

5 RacerXXX - No clue

6 undertheradar - No clue

7 scurf - Needs to work on his technical skill a lot, randomly nuking then sending trains may work on inactives, noobs and barbs but real active players won't have much trouble with it. Also send more actual attacks... 2500 fakes may seem scary but they really don't do much damage.

8 darth boru - No clue

9 sainfate - Again great technical player and a great guy who works hard for his conquers and will go far to help out his tribe in any way he can.

10 Pain.Carbon - Don't really know him

11 unorthodox - Don't really know him

12 the stooge - Honest guy, don't really know much about his skill as a technical player but he is straightforward and truthful and always considers what is best for his tribe.

13 Lucas Hope - Aggressive player and always looking for a good fight, he will go far just to find things to nuke. Nice guy.

14 caveman 10345 - No clue

15 apoll12 - No clue

16 BillMac - I will attempt to put forward an objective point of view (LOL). The old BillMac sucked... the new one isn't much of an improvement. Great defensive player but the timing for offence sucks, its not really hard but whatever. As for a review of the player as a person I'm not even going to comment, I think most of the posts on the forum from everyone put it well.

17 Ausmark - No clue

18 Destination Unknown - Very aggressive, will take any oppertunity to nuke things, a friendly person as well.

19 hlmartin - get moar ODA

20 skipp - No clue


lol sad

is 'ghost of lanky' cursed to forever troll the forums of w36 crying 'twas 2500 fakes' ?

it worked didnt it? you still cant get over it

you quit after 1 week, I wasnt even trying to take your villas, still had half rerman73 to do, I was gonna level as many as my cats could, I was looking forward to a long slow painful rimming, but I was robbed when you turned out to be the bad loser that you are

start a top 20 bad losers thread if you like


awww didums, hit a nerve did I? Face it your technical skill is lacking. You struggled to organise a defence against me simply super nuking one of your villages... If you get off on fakes that's your business but it seems like a waste of time to me, I was happy to sit there renaming until I realised I actually needed to revise at some point in the day and because I was not some saddo with nothing better to do than fake all day I took the logical course of action.

You were doing a great job with those cats as well, stellar, I think I received a grand total of what? 1 or 2 Cat nukes, though I did only receive about 13 nukes in total. It's a good thing you can get away with refusing to help your tribe in ops because you would be no help. And one last thing... asking for support in dealing with me? dayum, that's just silly.


sorry everybody, but I have no control over which thread my fans hijack

13 nukes and you quit? truth is I hunted down your D wherever I could find O was at about 80% which equates to about 160 nukes at the time, your O all died for that 1 villa, fine by me, Ive got it back now :)

so someones telling porky pies...again

when you were begging for your life you said you wouldnt flame me, Im tempted to post the logs

I dont claim to be the best, but I am undefeated, and doing pretty well seeing as Ive not had 1 internal

say what you want, carry on embarrassing yourself, I know my spring offensive couldnt have gone better and I own all your bases


hijack? its a thread to post your thoughts on the top 20 players, I did that and you decided to complain about it. I have posted my reasons for quitting elsewhere, go read. You didn't hunt anything down, you made half hearted attempts at nuking stacked villages and failed. You caught a few villages I couldn't cover while I slept so congratulations on that. If you had any sense about you I never would have taken that village in the first place, I threw about 60% of all my nukes at it since I had lost some already. You could easily have stacked it so much that none of my nukes would have lowered the wall but you decided that it wasn't in danger, despite it being the only village of yours with more than 5 incoming.

Please post where I said I wouldn't flame you, all I tried to do was show you that I wasn't always out to get you, most assuredly begging. Your undefeated because you hide behind big tribes, its not an accomplishment, the old BillMac did the same... You don't take internals... you just take a ton of 2k barbs and inactives ^_^

I'll be fine knowing I have more technical skill than you will ever have xx


yesssssssss, yesssssss, oh let me taste your tears, mmm your tears are so yummy and sweet, oh the tears of unfathomable sadness, yummyyyy

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Riiiight just a little perverted there? I'm not crying genius.