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Discussion in 'World 61' started by Mania., Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. Choco Death

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    Nov 17, 2010
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    We are 3.5 k's away but I'm sure we will make it work. :icon_cool:
  2. *Dilligaf*

    *Dilligaf* Guest

    Wait aren't you the duke of East? Great example you are showing to the tribe :lol:, Now east players feel free to Start 1 vs 1 across the world i mean if Duke can do it so can you!!1!
  3. The Simple Mindead

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    Aug 14, 2011
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    I came to this thread expecting to maybe find some actual intelligent conversation, and instead I find choco and KFM banging on about w56. I should of figured.

    What is this I hear about Mohua being in this world? What account? I'd like to say hi to my old neigbour.
  4. ANy player can have a 1 on 1 whys that bad?
  5. devilkilt

    devilkilt Non-stop Poster

    Feb 15, 2012
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    1 vs 1 :s

    I thought tribalwars was a team based game.

  6. but if 2 players mutually agree on a 1 on 1 then what is the problem?

    I mean a riot player put up a him vs tribe so why have you not picked him up for not putting riot vs versa?

    Are you just picking this up because he will likely lose?
  7. devilkilt

    devilkilt Non-stop Poster

    Feb 15, 2012
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    I must have missed something :p first sentence makes sense rest you have lost me :)

    "but if 2 players mutually agree on a 1 on 1 then what is the problem?" that is just greedy! someone else might want to join in on the fun lol
  8. Royalist

    Royalist Guest

    The players asking you are not even in Riot :lol:
    And stop dragging every thread off-topic with your personal bs about us to
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  9. even riot police gave it up after his points were made, I admire your dedication but loath the repetitiveness:icon_redface:
  10. Irontusk

    Irontusk Non-stop Poster

    Aug 11, 2010
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    I see that this topic is somewhat dragging away from discussion of the top 20 players.
  11. earthquake girl

    earthquake girl Contributing Poster

    Oct 25, 2007
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    This is a game in which the tribe comes first, not the individual. If two players having a 1 on 1 is somehow beneficial to the tribe then there's not an issue. If the players are having it out because they're a couple of ego-stroking asses who can't control themselves, or whatever their selfish reasoning is, then there's an issue.

    Tribe > Self

  12. getting new villages benefits my tribe otherwise why would we all noble?
  13. While your troops are walking 3.5ks what enemy villas will you be nobling ? Or are you only playing your 1:1 with 'some' troops ? And your tribe won't be stacking you at all ? :icon_rolleyes:

    If you want to play handbag slapping go start in the same direction on a speed round
  14. xshahzad

    xshahzad Guest

    RankNameTribePointsVillagesAvg points per village
    15Out Run Mah BulletsNoodle514,542579,027
  15. xshahzad

    xshahzad Guest

    Rank Name Tribe Points Villages Avg points per village

    1 Lucaya Impact 3,203,930 330 9,709
    2 Cl.Oud Riot! 3,159,946 332 9,518
    3 budint4ever Riot! 3,030,496 314 9,651
    4 Alyxar Impact 2,900,463 299 9,701
    5 To Kill a Jester Impact 2,786,742 283 9,847
    6 aoecba Impact 2,658,892 273 9,740
    7 alphabonkers Riot! 2,463,734 258 9,549
    8 MadSquad Impact 2,412,458 245 9,847
    9 Triantz Noodle 2,408,521 255 9,445
    10 maghy Riot! 2,353,220 242 9,724
    11 Sacha du Bourg-Palette Impact 2,327,910 239 9,740
    12 xaldrinx Riot! 2,282,955 234 9,756
    13 simsiuss Impact 2,269,060 240 9,454
    14 civil disorder Riot! 2,266,216 243 9,326
    15 Raptor741 Impact 2,255,445 229 9,849
    16 MissChievous Impact 2,246,046 230 9,765
    17 LeSulk Impact 2,241,873 229 9,790
    18 Jagerr Noodle 2,238,897 234 9,568
    19 Dailen1 Riot! 2,205,382 229 9,630
    20 Almurph Riot! 2,204,258 233 9,460
  16. lordsanchez

    lordsanchez Guest

    Just curious, but why do people feel the need to quite regularly post the exact same info that can be found in the rankings drop down menu? :icon_confused:
    I always thought that this thread was for opinions...Maybe I am missing something tho. :icon_redface:
  17. TrueGrave

    TrueGrave Guest

    He gets flamed for his opinions :icon_rolleyes:
  18. lordsanchez

    lordsanchez Guest

    I bet I will as well :lol:

    Lucaya - not quite sure where the hell he keeps pulling coins out of:icon_confused:, but looks to be a far more superior player than most of his tribemates, due to the much smaller number of internal munching.

    Cl.Oud - No shortage of coins here is what it looks like as well. Only problem I see with this duo is the co is an argumentative... um yeah, but they love war caps and never have an issue doing what needs doing in tribe, for the tribe.

    budint4ever - The quiet powerhouse who keeps eating his way to the top.

    Alyxar - despite my poor opinion of his forum posting, his IG record looks pretty nice.

    To Kill a Jester - I like the cheap trades I find from him in the markets :icon_wink: , but his nobeling record, well, it's a damn good thing there was plenty of free food for him to get to the top. Btw, STILL protecting accounts is pretty lame imo :icon_redface:

    aoecba - I see impact was nobeling him before he joined, but he never nobled any of them, but I did hear that he was one of their better members as well. Had a good start with free food, but has managed to keep it up with what doesn't look like freebies. Lost 36 far. :icon_twisted:

    alphabonkers - Even with running riot, he has managed to stay near the top without feasting on freebies like many others have been doing. War points are pretty good as well.

    Maybe next time I'll do at least the top 10, but today is hot and I am outa beer, therefore outa here. :icon_cool:
  19. Alyxar

    Alyxar Still Going Strong

    Mar 8, 2011
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    Hes not here. Your old neighbor tried to noble you:icon_rolleyes:
    Hmm East no longer exist.. Even if east still does. There can never be a 1v1 happening.
    Whats wrong with my forum posting:icon_evil:
  20. Alyxar

    Alyxar Still Going Strong

    Mar 8, 2011
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    1 Lucaya Impact 3.203.828 330 9709
    Pretty decent to keep up the minting, had quite a setback since early stage but managed to recover, job well done other than the fact he internalled abit too much:icon_cool:
    2 Cl.Oud Riot! 3.160.206 332 9519
    As usual, Dont like one of the co-players on this, not sure if he stills play. Decent enough to be in the top 5s. A worthy challenger.
    3 budint4ever Riot! 3.031.023 314 9653
    no comments as i dont know this guy :D
    4 Alyxar Impact 2.900.967 299 9702
    5 To Kill a Jester Impact 2.802.789 284 9869
    Great team player, decent troops and stable nobling speed. trying to catch up to me :(
    6 aoecba Impact 2.718.578 278 9779
    I heard he've been solo-ing since day 1. got quite abit of freebies after wasp war but still managed to stay in top10 after finishing up everything. Also was hit by lucaya backthen. 7/10 i'll say.
    7 alphabonkers Riot! 2.464.210 258 9551
    Duke of Riot, i still prefer SF, sorry.
    8 Triantz Noodle 2.425.410 257 9437
    No comments as this is a lowprofile guy to me
    9 MadSquad Impact 2.412.828 245 9848
    Duke of Impact, holding onto Rank 1 ODA by a mile and with that twinvis co-playing. An awesome team on this account, theres a bad guy and theres a good guy. Dont forget our deal to end world :icon_razz:
    10 maghy Riot! 2.352.570 242 9721
    11 Sacha du Bourg-Palette Impact 2.327.717 239 9739
    Oh Sara&Arthur. Must have in tribe. Must have as co. Must have as friend. *MUST HAVE*:icon_redface:
    12 xaldrinx Riot! 2.293.386 235 9759
    13 simsiuss Impact 2.286.409 242 9448
    14 MissChievous Impact 2.276.078 233 9769
    Known as Tay. Great team player once again. Was known to me during the Rawr vs East war. Killed plenty of my nukes :(
    15 Raptor741 Impact 2.274.926 230 9891
    Needs to be put to test, Soon enough my bet is he wont be in top 20s anymore :p
    16 civil disorder Riot! 2.266.353 243 9327
    17 LeSulk Impact 2.242.181 229 9791
    18 Jagerr Noodle 2.239.688 234 9571
    19 Dailen1 Riot! 2.216.882 230 9639
    20 eolver Impact 2.211.761 229 9658

    The rest i shall not comment as i dont really know them, so sorry :icon_neutral: