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Thanks for the high praise.

Well I would have to agree with you.. I also realized he fell down in ranks lately and didn't check why. I believe that he must have a huge amount of incomings. I co'd him a while back. To be honest I don't believe I deserved to play with Arith.. But not really the reason I quit.. I just hope he gets rank 1 again as I believe he deserves it
I fell in the rankings mostly due to the stacks in the area. A lot of nukes got burned on villages that never cleared. I don't think you were undeserving of coing with me, but I admit I do get a little upset when you slacked :p.
As you said, arith is a very good player and deserves to be at the top. Hes gone down in points because of the war hes currently in.
Kind of unfortunate that I couldn't put up a better fight over the past 5ish days due to various circumstances. Ah well, tis life I suppose.


24. Takeiteasyonme
Points: 1.838.771
Villages Nobled: 192
Known internals/freebies: 49
Barbarians: 5
Villages Lost: 10

OD Attack Rank: 51.
(6,433,171 score)
OD Defense Rank: 48.
(5,309,324 score)

Quite a few internals/freebies.
This player is one to watch out for, despite low enough ODA he directly conducted the NIR war, which lead to him getting quite a few caps. Also telling people where to noble got others quite a few caps. Not being top 20 I still done it regardless. Watch this space will be top 20 in no time. :icon_wink: